Thursday, June 28, 2012

Look at that sad little face...
Now she's happy...
And another smile:)

I was blessed to be able to watch Laylana for a couple of hours today..
Her mommy wanted to take Cameron and Destiny to the water park..

We had some wonderful bonding time..She loved being rocked..Yes, I even sing to as long as no one else is

Laylana had a couple of her shots today..but even with that, she was in a good mood..well, except for that one picture where she looks like she's going to

She is still so darned tiny..I hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks and I thought she would be so much bigger..She's only in the 25th percentile..
That's okay..she can stay tiny..

It was way too hot today..It's going to be cooler tomorrow..only in the 90's..ha..

I got my new badge and shirts for the new
Can't wait to get into a good routine:)

It's late so I'm going to keep it short and get some sleep..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

JJ getting on the plane..
With his Mom..
With his fiance' and good friend Sam...

Of course, my pictures didn't load in the proper order and I don't have enough energy to fix

Because I went to the unemployment hearing, I missed JJ being sworn in...I was not a happy camper, but I can't change it so I won't dwell on it:)
I did make it to the recruiting center before he left..And then we were given the good news that we could go to the airport and get a special security pass in order to sit with him until his plane left..

Before I did that, I went to the office and told my boss that I was giving my two week notice. He said that he felt like it was going to happen..
My boss is a smart man and I knew that once I bought a car he would know I was going to
He was very nice and understanding about everything..which I was very grateful for.

After our talk, I went to the airport..It was nice being able to spend that time with JJ..We all went to Chili's to get a bite to eat..As much as I love their food, it was not very good there..

It was so emotional watching him leave..but I'm so very proud of him.
He has a life plan and that's a good thing..

He was able to call his mom when he got to San Diego...and his recruiter was not kidding when he said that they have prepared statements hanging on the wall for these guys and that is ALL they get to say..Although JJ did get an I love you in before he said good bye..I thought that it was sweet that he called his mom instead of his girlfriend:)
Now we don't know when he will be able to call again..It could be a week or it could be three or four..
They literally keep them busy from 5:00am until 8:00pm..
We should get his address soon..They say to send as many (positive) letters as you can to keep their moral up..

I was going to add more to this but I think it's probably long
I wanted to let everyone know how mean my bosses wife was to me about getting a new the point that I started crying..and believe me, I don't cry easy..(unless it has to do with my kids or grandkids) lol..
I'll tell the story tomorrow...

We are supposed to get into the high 90's tomorrow..Not good..
Hope everyone has cooler weather than

Sunday, June 24, 2012

JJ doing a few reps at the recruiting office...
With his girlfriend...
Me and JJ... (after seeing this picture, I am definitely going to lose some pounds)
Last picture before he has to shave his

I was really surprised at how emotional today all I had not to cry..
And today was only about what will happen after today..

JJ has to be at the hotel at 8:00pm tonight..They will get him and the other recruits up at 4:00am..don't know why they have to be up that early because the swearing in doesn't happen until 10:30am..Oh well..

Today I gave him his new wallet (with the allotted $20.00), and the address book..
His recruiting officer told us that he might want to get a bible and put everyone's names and addresses in that..Because during the hustle and bustle of everything, they may throw his address book concern for having your addresses..If they come across a bible, they will make sure that stays with the recruit..

We will have a bible for him tomorrow...
It is going to be so emotional are definitely a crying

It also looks like I will be able to make the unemployment hearing. My boss will be glad to hear
I will be cutting it short to get to JJ swearing in, but it should be fine..They don't start anything until all of the recruits from the entire state of Wisconsin are there..

After the swearing in, I will head out to the office to give my boss my two weeks notice...oh my gosh, I'm so nervous about that...but once it's over it will be fine..

Tomorrow night, I have to train at one location on the south side of town and then I have to head north 35-40 miles to cover another job...Yep, it's going to be a long day:)

I'll feel a great relief once I give my notice...and hopefully he will be nice about it:) Keep your fingers crossed for me please..

Have a great week:)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Guess What?????


Now, there are a few I'm REALLY nervous, BUT I told them I would take the job and I start two weeks from Monday..

Now for the starts at 9.25 an hour..from what my ex cleaner told me, I thought that I could get a pay raise after 30 days..NO..
You have to wait one year for a raise...ugh...
The other drawback is that it is about 30 miles from my house..But I'll deal with that....

Now for the POSITIVES!!
It starts out at 7 hours a night and will go to 8 soon...5:00pm to midnight.
It's in the federal building and they have just remodeled the building.
After 30 days I can join the union if I want to.
After 90 days, I WILL HAVE INSURANCE!!! and sick days..The lady that I talked to said she wasn't sure how good the insurance is..I told her it is better than what I have now...which is

Now the hard part will be telling my boss...ugh..I am NOT looking forward to that..I know he will not be a happy camper..and that's putting it mildly..
I will be giving him my two week notice on Monday...I may need to have a drink before I go to the

It's a hectic time for him to have to find someone else for my job..but I guess there isn't going to be a "good" time..

Maybe he'll give the next manager a little more consideration..I hope so.
I have always appreciated this job and I have given a lot to it..but sometimes it doesn't seem like he really understands that this is NOT my business, it's his..and I shouldn't be expected to just take on more and more...
Oh well, I hope he understands at least a little as to why I need regular hours...

It's Friday and I have to work later, for right now, I'm going to take a nice relaxing bath and not think about

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well, I did it!!
I applied for another job yesterday..they wanted to hire me immediately..
The catch to that is they hire you as a may work 2-4 days a week..then at some point, they hire you for full time..

The woman that told me about the job said that they did the same thing with her and hired her for full time her 3rd day on the job..

I can't take that kind of chance..I told the gentleman that and he certainly understood..He said they had a large account that they are hoping will come in within the month. He said they would call me at that time..Possible sooner..

So, at this point, I will wait..I don't "wait" I guess I don't have any choice. I'm just glad that I've made the initial move forward..

They are having problems at one of the restaurants..We now are in charge of cleaning the kitchen floors..They not only have a kitchen on the main floor, there is also one in the basement..
Last night Juan (our nighttime restaurant supervisor) called to say he wasn't feeling well and wanted to know if I would cover for him..

Of course I did and let me tell you, it wasn't easy..I got there at midnight and wasn't done until 4:00am..ugh...It is back breaking work..ALL of the heavy equipment has to be moved so the floor gets cleaned behind and underneath..
My boss always acts like it's not THAT HARD...Well, maybe it isn't for him, but it sure is for me..and I AM NOT GOING TO KEEP DOING IT..

Hopefully Juan will be back

I talked to my bosses wife today and they are not happy that I might not be able to make it for the unemployment hearing on Monday..SORRY....I am not going to miss my grandsons sendoff...and if they want to fire me they can..( I should be so lucky)

I'm going to the office this afternoon to help my bosses wife write up a letter that I will have notarized that they can take just in case I can't be there...

You know what, we ALWAYS lose in these hearings anyway..I guess that's one reason I am not that concerned with it..

Anyway enough crabbing about all of that...

Today is my granddaughter Monique's 19th birthday..They are in the Dells..They went last night and today they are at the water park again..

I gave Monique her present'm sure she'll find something to buy...

Gotta run...time to head out for work...
Have a great day and an awesome week-end:)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The time has come...He's going to San Diego!!!!

My grandson JJ..(aka- Patrick) is scheduled to ship out on Monday, June 25th..

I'm so proud of him and I'm so sad..I will miss him and worry tremendously..

On Sunday there is a ceremony for the recruits and their families..Then
they leave on Monday. I think we're allowed to see him that morning..

Because he joined the early entry program earlier this year he is actually ahead of the game as far as his rank is concerned. Not sure at this time what it all means but we will find that out on Sunday:)

It has been a rough last few months. JJ and his mom have had some issues..Mostly stemming from him thinking he shouldn't have to follow house rules..(he'll sure find out about rules being a marine)..
Anyway, he has spent the last couple of months living with his friends family. This has been very hurtful to my daughter..

I'm glad that he still finished school and is following thru with his plans for going into the marines.

He is engaged to his girlfriend of a year. Thank goodness he doesn't turn 18 until August, so at least he won't be able to get married until after he is done with basic

Now I have to become VERY frugal so I can set aside enough money to go to San Diego for his graduation:) I really don't want to miss that..

I'll be praying for his future success as a member of the United States Marine Corps...

He has made me proud for sure:)

As it turns out, I have a work related hearing with unemployment on Monday for one of our former employees..I told my boss today that if the farewell send off for JJ is at the same time as the hearing, I will not be there..we have decided that if the times conflict, I will just send an affidavit to cover my end of it..
As dedicate to my job as I am, I'm not going to miss my grandson's send off:)

That's it for now..Gotta get some sleep...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cameron at Tae Kwon Do..(sp.) lol
Kiera..celebrating her 8th grade graduation:)

These are a few things I have been doing in the last few weeks....

Kiera had her 8th grade graduation...It was nice to spend time with the kids..
Because I missed so many years of watching them grow up, it is even more important to be there when I can..
We had a nice time..Their other grandma was there (my step-daughters mom)..We weren't sure how she would like the kids calling me grandma.. lol..and to a certain degree I wouldn't blame her for not wanting them to..On the other hand, it is something that the kids chose to do..without any pushing from us..Anyway, she seemed fine with it and we all had a nice time..
My daughter, Paris and Monique went with us..Shannon picked up a couple of pizza's and the ate the cake before the pizza was done..we were all starving...

Last night Cameron had testing for his new belt..and the testing happened to be taking place right here in Germantown..2 minutes from my house so his mom invited me to come was nice. I got to see him preform and also spend some time with Destiny and Laylana..
I treated everyone to ice cream when it was done..yum yum...

A few weeks back I had gone to an employment agency..The woman I talked to called me today to let me know of a job that is located right here in town..It doesn't pay the most but it's 7:30am to week-ends and hopefully insurance after the probationary period..I have to talk to her again about some of the details..
It's factory work, picking orders..I don't think I would have a problem doing that all day..
I would save a ton on gas with it being probably within 10 minutes of my house..
I'm a little (lot) scared about making a move..but in the long run it would be soooo nice to work set hours, not have people calling me all the time and not having to give up my week-ends..
I would probably have to supplement with a part time cleaning job..but I don't think that would be an issue either..

It's still scary to think of giving up a paycheck for the unknown..
On the other hand, this job is wearing me out physically and mentally..

I don't think my boss will handle it real well..I am not special, but believe me, he will have a hard time finding someone to do what I do for the amount of money I make..Not many people are willing to be on call 24/7...
But, as I told my daughter, if he gets nasty, I'll just drop the van off by him and quit..

the more I write, the more I realize how much I don't like what I'm doing's too bad, when I took this job, I loved it..but it sure wears on you when you have to deal with 30 some people that don't want to do their jobs correctly and then the customers..some of them are so darned rude and mean..

I guess I'll just say my prayers and go down the path I am led too....

I'm waiting for the cable guy to come..I have had so many problems with the dvr is not recording my shows..irritating..He should be here within the hour..hopefully he will just give me a new dvr box and be done with it:)

I'll keep you posted on the job situation..
I certainly not opposed to a few prayers!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bella....She LOVES her marshmallows
Paris, Kayla, Kiera, and Shannon...
Our wonderful fire side chat...

Our dinner at "Famous Dave's"...Yummy...

We had a great time in the Dells...We had a ton of rain..We got up there Friday afternoon. We had everything pretty well set up in a short time.
The one problem we ran into was that the poles for our tent were in Brian's we had to wait until about 7:00pm for them to get there to finish setting up..

My daughter had just gotten a screen tent and I'll tell you, without that we would have had to stay in our tents a good portion of the time..At least with the screen tent, we could all hang out together..

We went on the land and water vehicle..the kids liked that..Bella wasn't too sure of it at first, but in the end she was excited too..At these places they always want to do a we posed for that and after the tour we took a look at it and decided that we would buy was only 20 dollars. we got two 5x7's 4 wallets and a key chain..Not a bad price for sure...

We have decided that if we're going to keep camping like this, we definitely need to get a trailer..We ALWAYS run out of room..and it makes packing the car up way to stressful..

The pool at our campground was heavenly..A few of us got Really sunburned..not a lot of fun..but we should all know better by

Do to the nasty rain, we did take advantage of our free passes to the indoor water park..Thank goodness for that..On the day that the sun was shinning brightly we took advantage of the outdoor water park.. I had never been to that one and really liked the fact that they had an outdoor grass hut, Nickie and I did have a pina colada..Yum yum...

My daughter took us out for dinner at Famous Dave's..Oh my gosh, it was so good. The kids were VERY well behaved and everyone ate all of their food...Shannon and I shared a veggie was really good..
Paris had the hot couldn't finish them..they were SO hot..
But he gave it a good try and finished all but two..

The main reason for this trip was to celebrate Paris's 15th birthday..We made a Walmart run and picked up cupcakes..I had brought along candles..NOT trick did that to him last year and specifically asked us not to do that to him again..I was

These kids all love camping..and I'll tell you, they did a great job of helping us getting things packed up to leave. With that kind of help, I wouldn't hesitate taking them again...
And by the way...Kayla makes a perfect roasted kind of put her in charge of that..

Shannon, Kayla and I went to Oxford to the cemetery to place flowers..
We stopped at the Lake where I placed some of my Moms ashes last year..Such a peaceful place..

We also went past my grandma's old farm..Oh that place is barely standing. I certainly don't know how people are still living there..So sad to see her home in that shape..I know how hard it is going to be when we go there and the house is gone..I don't think it will be too long before that happens..

Today is Destiny's 8th birthday..She had school today and then I had to work, so I'm going to pick her up Sunday for a little shopping trip and lunch..Can't believe how darned big these kids are getting..Makes me proud of who they are becoming and sad to see the end of them being my little snuggle bugs..

Well, that's it for news...hope you all have a great week-end:)