Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cameron at Tae Kwon Do..(sp.) lol
Kiera..celebrating her 8th grade graduation:)

These are a few things I have been doing in the last few weeks....

Kiera had her 8th grade graduation...It was nice to spend time with the kids..
Because I missed so many years of watching them grow up, it is even more important to be there when I can..
We had a nice time..Their other grandma was there (my step-daughters mom)..We weren't sure how she would like the kids calling me grandma.. lol..and to a certain degree I wouldn't blame her for not wanting them to..On the other hand, it is something that the kids chose to do..without any pushing from us..Anyway, she seemed fine with it and we all had a nice time..
My daughter, Paris and Monique went with us..Shannon picked up a couple of pizza's and the ate the cake before the pizza was done..we were all starving...

Last night Cameron had testing for his new belt..and the testing happened to be taking place right here in Germantown..2 minutes from my house so his mom invited me to come was nice. I got to see him preform and also spend some time with Destiny and Laylana..
I treated everyone to ice cream when it was done..yum yum...

A few weeks back I had gone to an employment agency..The woman I talked to called me today to let me know of a job that is located right here in town..It doesn't pay the most but it's 7:30am to week-ends and hopefully insurance after the probationary period..I have to talk to her again about some of the details..
It's factory work, picking orders..I don't think I would have a problem doing that all day..
I would save a ton on gas with it being probably within 10 minutes of my house..
I'm a little (lot) scared about making a move..but in the long run it would be soooo nice to work set hours, not have people calling me all the time and not having to give up my week-ends..
I would probably have to supplement with a part time cleaning job..but I don't think that would be an issue either..

It's still scary to think of giving up a paycheck for the unknown..
On the other hand, this job is wearing me out physically and mentally..

I don't think my boss will handle it real well..I am not special, but believe me, he will have a hard time finding someone to do what I do for the amount of money I make..Not many people are willing to be on call 24/7...
But, as I told my daughter, if he gets nasty, I'll just drop the van off by him and quit..

the more I write, the more I realize how much I don't like what I'm doing's too bad, when I took this job, I loved it..but it sure wears on you when you have to deal with 30 some people that don't want to do their jobs correctly and then the customers..some of them are so darned rude and mean..

I guess I'll just say my prayers and go down the path I am led too....

I'm waiting for the cable guy to come..I have had so many problems with the dvr is not recording my shows..irritating..He should be here within the hour..hopefully he will just give me a new dvr box and be done with it:)

I'll keep you posted on the job situation..
I certainly not opposed to a few prayers!!


Hollie said...

Praying for you!! I know it is hard moving on to the unknown. I am in the same situation. Honestly, I am tired of my job and all it entails (sp) but I need to make what I make to move on. (its not a whole lot though) I am burned out after 24 years. I will keep you in my prayers!

Lucy said...

Love the pictures. Hope the job situation pans out for you. You have done a remarkable job of keeping it this long.