Friday, June 22, 2012

Guess What?????


Now, there are a few I'm REALLY nervous, BUT I told them I would take the job and I start two weeks from Monday..

Now for the starts at 9.25 an hour..from what my ex cleaner told me, I thought that I could get a pay raise after 30 days..NO..
You have to wait one year for a raise...ugh...
The other drawback is that it is about 30 miles from my house..But I'll deal with that....

Now for the POSITIVES!!
It starts out at 7 hours a night and will go to 8 soon...5:00pm to midnight.
It's in the federal building and they have just remodeled the building.
After 30 days I can join the union if I want to.
After 90 days, I WILL HAVE INSURANCE!!! and sick days..The lady that I talked to said she wasn't sure how good the insurance is..I told her it is better than what I have now...which is

Now the hard part will be telling my boss...ugh..I am NOT looking forward to that..I know he will not be a happy camper..and that's putting it mildly..
I will be giving him my two week notice on Monday...I may need to have a drink before I go to the

It's a hectic time for him to have to find someone else for my job..but I guess there isn't going to be a "good" time..

Maybe he'll give the next manager a little more consideration..I hope so.
I have always appreciated this job and I have given a lot to it..but sometimes it doesn't seem like he really understands that this is NOT my business, it's his..and I shouldn't be expected to just take on more and more...
Oh well, I hope he understands at least a little as to why I need regular hours...

It's Friday and I have to work later, for right now, I'm going to take a nice relaxing bath and not think about

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Hollie said...

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!