Sunday, June 24, 2012

JJ doing a few reps at the recruiting office...
With his girlfriend...
Me and JJ... (after seeing this picture, I am definitely going to lose some pounds)
Last picture before he has to shave his

I was really surprised at how emotional today all I had not to cry..
And today was only about what will happen after today..

JJ has to be at the hotel at 8:00pm tonight..They will get him and the other recruits up at 4:00am..don't know why they have to be up that early because the swearing in doesn't happen until 10:30am..Oh well..

Today I gave him his new wallet (with the allotted $20.00), and the address book..
His recruiting officer told us that he might want to get a bible and put everyone's names and addresses in that..Because during the hustle and bustle of everything, they may throw his address book concern for having your addresses..If they come across a bible, they will make sure that stays with the recruit..

We will have a bible for him tomorrow...
It is going to be so emotional are definitely a crying

It also looks like I will be able to make the unemployment hearing. My boss will be glad to hear
I will be cutting it short to get to JJ swearing in, but it should be fine..They don't start anything until all of the recruits from the entire state of Wisconsin are there..

After the swearing in, I will head out to the office to give my boss my two weeks notice...oh my gosh, I'm so nervous about that...but once it's over it will be fine..

Tomorrow night, I have to train at one location on the south side of town and then I have to head north 35-40 miles to cover another job...Yep, it's going to be a long day:)

I'll feel a great relief once I give my notice...and hopefully he will be nice about it:) Keep your fingers crossed for me please..

Have a great week:)

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Hollie said...

Aww, so many emotions going on right now!! (((Hugs to you ALL)))