Wednesday, June 27, 2012

JJ getting on the plane..
With his Mom..
With his fiance' and good friend Sam...

Of course, my pictures didn't load in the proper order and I don't have enough energy to fix

Because I went to the unemployment hearing, I missed JJ being sworn in...I was not a happy camper, but I can't change it so I won't dwell on it:)
I did make it to the recruiting center before he left..And then we were given the good news that we could go to the airport and get a special security pass in order to sit with him until his plane left..

Before I did that, I went to the office and told my boss that I was giving my two week notice. He said that he felt like it was going to happen..
My boss is a smart man and I knew that once I bought a car he would know I was going to
He was very nice and understanding about everything..which I was very grateful for.

After our talk, I went to the airport..It was nice being able to spend that time with JJ..We all went to Chili's to get a bite to eat..As much as I love their food, it was not very good there..

It was so emotional watching him leave..but I'm so very proud of him.
He has a life plan and that's a good thing..

He was able to call his mom when he got to San Diego...and his recruiter was not kidding when he said that they have prepared statements hanging on the wall for these guys and that is ALL they get to say..Although JJ did get an I love you in before he said good bye..I thought that it was sweet that he called his mom instead of his girlfriend:)
Now we don't know when he will be able to call again..It could be a week or it could be three or four..
They literally keep them busy from 5:00am until 8:00pm..
We should get his address soon..They say to send as many (positive) letters as you can to keep their moral up..

I was going to add more to this but I think it's probably long
I wanted to let everyone know how mean my bosses wife was to me about getting a new the point that I started crying..and believe me, I don't cry easy..(unless it has to do with my kids or grandkids) lol..
I'll tell the story tomorrow...

We are supposed to get into the high 90's tomorrow..Not good..
Hope everyone has cooler weather than

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