Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The time has come...He's going to San Diego!!!!

My grandson JJ..(aka- Patrick) is scheduled to ship out on Monday, June 25th..

I'm so proud of him and I'm so sad..I will miss him and worry tremendously..

On Sunday there is a ceremony for the recruits and their families..Then
they leave on Monday. I think we're allowed to see him that morning..

Because he joined the early entry program earlier this year he is actually ahead of the game as far as his rank is concerned. Not sure at this time what it all means but we will find that out on Sunday:)

It has been a rough last few months. JJ and his mom have had some issues..Mostly stemming from him thinking he shouldn't have to follow house rules..(he'll sure find out about rules being a marine)..
Anyway, he has spent the last couple of months living with his friends family. This has been very hurtful to my daughter..

I'm glad that he still finished school and is following thru with his plans for going into the marines.

He is engaged to his girlfriend of a year. Thank goodness he doesn't turn 18 until August, so at least he won't be able to get married until after he is done with basic training..lol...

Now I have to become VERY frugal so I can set aside enough money to go to San Diego for his graduation:) I really don't want to miss that..

I'll be praying for his future success as a member of the United States Marine Corps...

He has made me proud for sure:)

As it turns out, I have a work related hearing with unemployment on Monday for one of our former employees..I told my boss today that if the farewell send off for JJ is at the same time as the hearing, I will not be there..we have decided that if the times conflict, I will just send an affidavit to cover my end of it..
As dedicate to my job as I am, I'm not going to miss my grandson's send off:)

That's it for now..Gotta get some sleep...

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