Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well, I did it!!
I applied for another job yesterday..they wanted to hire me immediately..
The catch to that is they hire you as a may work 2-4 days a week..then at some point, they hire you for full time..

The woman that told me about the job said that they did the same thing with her and hired her for full time her 3rd day on the job..

I can't take that kind of chance..I told the gentleman that and he certainly understood..He said they had a large account that they are hoping will come in within the month. He said they would call me at that time..Possible sooner..

So, at this point, I will wait..I don't "wait" I guess I don't have any choice. I'm just glad that I've made the initial move forward..

They are having problems at one of the restaurants..We now are in charge of cleaning the kitchen floors..They not only have a kitchen on the main floor, there is also one in the basement..
Last night Juan (our nighttime restaurant supervisor) called to say he wasn't feeling well and wanted to know if I would cover for him..

Of course I did and let me tell you, it wasn't easy..I got there at midnight and wasn't done until 4:00am..ugh...It is back breaking work..ALL of the heavy equipment has to be moved so the floor gets cleaned behind and underneath..
My boss always acts like it's not THAT HARD...Well, maybe it isn't for him, but it sure is for me..and I AM NOT GOING TO KEEP DOING IT..

Hopefully Juan will be back

I talked to my bosses wife today and they are not happy that I might not be able to make it for the unemployment hearing on Monday..SORRY....I am not going to miss my grandsons sendoff...and if they want to fire me they can..( I should be so lucky)

I'm going to the office this afternoon to help my bosses wife write up a letter that I will have notarized that they can take just in case I can't be there...

You know what, we ALWAYS lose in these hearings anyway..I guess that's one reason I am not that concerned with it..

Anyway enough crabbing about all of that...

Today is my granddaughter Monique's 19th birthday..They are in the Dells..They went last night and today they are at the water park again..

I gave Monique her present'm sure she'll find something to buy...

Gotta run...time to head out for work...
Have a great day and an awesome week-end:)

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