Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mason throwing the ball to me..
Floating around:)

Mason came over yesterday..We played LOTS of games of connect 4, war and went swimming in Lisa's pond..
Then it was off to Micky D's for dinner...more games of connect was sleeping by 9..and I was sleeping by 9:30...

I think I was up at 6 this morning..I didn't sleep well..I'm not sure why..although I did hear the neighbors across the street out at 11:30pm with their kids..Are you kidding me?? If you're going to be outside chatting at least do it quietly....

Anyway, this morning I decided to get my laundry done..We're not supposed to start laundry until 8:00am..Oh well, it doesn't seem like anyone else wants to follow the rules, so I started mine at 6:30am...I would like to have most of it done before Mason wakes up...

Friday after work, I went to see Cameron test for his green belt..He has done well in his Tae Kwon do class..He can certainly use the discipline..He was kind of antsy while we were there...

Carlos' first ex-wife was there also..Barb and I have always gotten along but once in a while I feel like she is being passive aggressive with me..My daughter things I took what she said the wrong way..I don't...

Since my divorce, Carlos and Barb have been on a friendly basis..something that they hadn't been able to do before that..In fact, he took her out for a fish fry and she says he asked her to start dating again...And she felt the need to have to tell me about that too..WHY??
Carlos's sister has a summer swimming party every year...Which he attended this year with his girlfriend...
Well, on Friday someone at Tae Kwon do mentioned something about my baby granddaughters hair (she has a ton of hair)..then Barb looks at me and says,,I went to Lena's party this year and proceeds to say that everyone commented on the babies hair..I didn't respond..
Then two minutes later she said the same thing to my daughter..I just took the baby and walked away..I went to be closer to where Cameron was..

I mean really..I think she is very calculated in telling me about it..I think she gets great pleasure out of it...
My daughter thinks I am taking it the wrong way....NO...

I don't mention that Carlos sometimes sends notes with the check he has to send me..or that he has called a few times in the last few months..But yet she feels the need to tell me when she has contact with him...and I think she is doing it to "show me"...well guess what? If I wanted him back, I could have him...I DON'T WANT HIM..
I'm not saying that I am totally over my divorce..I'm not..even after 4 years..but I don't want him back...

I am to the point now that I don't even want to be at any of the kids functions where she is going to be at...It's too bad that it has gotten to that point but it has..

Well, I have that out of my system I can let it go:)

I started the new job on Thursday..It's not too bad..Although I have to say..masking things off is not as easy as it looks..Ha-ha...
We have to mask motorcycle parts (fenders, tour packs, covers) so that they can be painted again for the two tone look...

The people have been really nice..but the woman that is training me does it in a way that I wouldn't...
She will mask something off and explain it while she is doing it..but then she will give me the next one and say she will be right back and expect me to remember exactly how she did it...ugh...I have done a fair job...Sometimes it feels a little overwhelming but I'm going to stick with it..
There are a couple of things that bother me...We have a three month probation period. I get that..but I was told by the employment agency that they hire right after the probationary period..I talked to one guy and he has been there for 9 months and still has not been hired on by the company...My fear is that they don't hired you on permanently because they don't want to give the insurance benefits..
I'll talk to a few more people and see what happens..

I thought I would only have to work until 10 am on Fridays..which would work out great for me to keep my cleaning job..Now I find out that they have mandatory work on some Fridays which will interfere with that..I'll have to talk to my client and see how she wants to proceed..I really don't want to lose the $140.00 a month that I make there...
Oh well, at least I have a job and I'm grateful for that..

The weather has cooled down some and the has been could stay like this all year round and I would be a happy camper..

I've gotten a few more letters from JJ..I've also been looking on the Marines website.
Oh my gosh,, they sure go through a lot..I know that they have to do this to get the best of the best..but as a grandma I sure worry about him...
The last week there, they do a crucible.. That means 54 hours of almost continuous work..VERY little sleep or eating...Please keep all of these young men in your prayers..

Hope you all have a great upcoming week:)

Monday, July 23, 2012

I woke up this morning wondering what the day would bring:)

Then I talked to my boss and realized that I won't be training the new lady anymore..Hummm,, there goes the paycheck..

We did talk about me taking over two accounts..One is only about 6 miles from my house..two hours a night, 5 days a week..the other one is about 10 miles from my house..3 1/2 hours a night, 3 days a week..
These are accounts that have cleaners in them now, but need to be replaced..
Not enough to live on but enough to get me started. I spent a good portion of the morning online looking for work..

Then I got a call from the employment agency...the job I interviewed for last week has offered me the job...YAY....
It's light and easy work..I think I described it in the last post (not sure lol..)..
They put decals on Harley fenders, tour packs and such..they also do the painting there..
It is days..If memory serves me right, you only work until 10am on Friday, which means I can keep the house that I clean twice a month..

And I could still help my girlfriend out at her job on Fridays also..So, I might really come out ahead here...

The new job is 16 miles from my house..

I have to go to the employment agency this afternoon to fill out paperwork..

God has answered my prayers and I am so very thankful..

Hope your day is going as well as mine:)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's been a lazy Sunday for me..I'm actually VERY bored..but don't really feel like making the effort to do feels like it should be about 6:00pm and it's only 3:00..It's going to be a long night..

I spent this last week taking the new lady around to all of the buildings so she could meet all of the cleaners..
We also detailed one of the car dealerships that isn't getting cleaned to our standards..guess it's time to let that person go..

The new lady did miss one of our cleaners not clocking in on Friday night.
I'm not sure how that happened..she has a list of names and she is checking them off as they clock in..She called me Saturday about it..I guess Dave had called her..
She went to clean the bank..I thought about going to give her a hand, but she is going to have to do it on her own at some point..

I'm assuming that my boss is paying me my normal pay for the time I am doing the training..He's pretty fair that way..(I hope) lol..

I'm not sure what he wants this coming week..He was supposed to call me on Friday and go over a few things..I never heard from him...As it turned out, his day was much busier than he had anticipated.. But it still leaves me in a quandary as to what his expectations are for the training process..Oh well, I did what I thought needed to be done and that is the best I can do..

The new lady and I will have a couple of buildings to cover this coming week..I'm sure that I will be on an hourly pay schedule..That is when things are going to get a little rough..But in the long run, it is worth it to me...I am settling in to a more relaxed frame of mind..

I went for a job interview on Thursday..Oh how I hate interviewing..The fact that you are in such a vulnerable situation...I'm a DARNED good employee and so to have to have prove in a few minutes why I would be an asset to their company is daunting to me...
This guy said he would stay in touch with the employment agency..What Ever....

I will muddle along and make what hours I can with Dave....God will see me through this chapter in my life..So guess what? I do not worry about what will be:)

JJ (aka- Patrick) is finding out how hard it is in boot camp...He had soooo much confidence when he left..and now I see that wavering in his letters to me..I send as many letters as I can..I encourage him to remember that this is the hardest part..and to hang in there:)
I hope my letters help him...
He is the squad leader for his platoon..I told him he should be proud of that accomplishment...
On the Marines web sight, we found JJ's platoon doing some class room work and let me tell you, THESE BOYS LOOKED SOOOO TIRED I wanted to cry....when the recruiters tell you that they will be keeping them busy..they weren't

I guess that' s it for my boring Sunday:)
Hope everyone has a great week....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The New job did not go well!! And that is a mild

So, last Monday, I went to the new job with HIGH hopes of a bright future with the company..
There is a security guard at the front desk 24/7..I told him that I was there to meet Iris..He called her and she came right down.
I liked her friendly manner right away. She took me to get my supplies. Then she handed me a paper with 5 different area numbers on it..We went to two of them and then she took me to the first area and said.."you know how to clean, so I will come back in a couple of hours"..WHAT?? No working with me or telling me exactly what the expectations were..I just went to work doing what I would do at my old job..dust, vacuum, and garbage..

After about 2 1/2 hours, Iris came back and took me to another area..I did the same there..
Then she came to get me for lunch..In the lunch room, everyone had designated areas. The Serbian woman sat together, the Mexicans sat together and the lady that had worked for me was at the same table as me and didn't talk...
What the hell?? I never saw anything like it..I thought it was rude and didn't want to be a part of it, so I decided to go back to my area..Iris said that I HAD to stay in the lunch room for the entire lunch time..Then she came back to take me to yet another area to clean..Where she proceeded to tell me that I wouldn't need the vacuum because they were really clean in this area..
There were crumbs all over the rug in one spot and she told me to just sweep them up..
She also told me that I had gone over time in the last area..I told her that if she had told me what the time expectations were then maybe I wouldn't have gone over.
I also told her that I had been training people for over three years and I stayed with them for at least 2 or 3 days..
I also said I did not think the job was going to work out for me..
So, a little bit later, she came to get me to have me clock out..she said she was sorry it didn't work out for me...
It was horrible..and when I went to return my shirts, I told them what I thought of their training.
That night, I emailed my boss and told him that I wasn't going with the new company and he said he would always have work for me:)
So, I've been training the new lady that took my position..and doing some fill in work..

I have an interview tomorrow with a company about 20 minutes from me that puts decals on Harley parts..I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works out..
I do not want to be in manager position but if worst comes to worst, my boss may be looking for someone to take his manager position within a month or so..
Please pray that I don't have to go back to that...

He did ask me what it would take for me to stay with the company..and I appreciate that. The problem is, I don't want to be a manager and I need a job with insurance...

One day at a time..whatever is meant to be will be:)
I put my faith and trust in God to lead me in the right direction..and I know it will be okay!!

time to take a nap before I head out with the new lady..full night ahead of

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lisa's house..
Paris and Monique taking a break..
Bella and Kayla by the picnic table..
Monique getting ready to try out the airplane I bought for the little wasn't easy for the "big" kids or the little ones to use:)

Geeezz..Do you think my last post was large really only wanted the header to be that large..

Tomorrow is my last "official" day at this job..I'm feeling a great sense of relief but I don't like to do
I will return the van on Monday..and Dave and I will go through all of my keys..

Dave and I have talked a little about me helping with training the new lady..I'm fine with that, but I will need to know what he plans on paying me..It will most likely only be one week of training. I will just be taking her through the buildings to show her where things are and what to look for when she is doing an inspection..

We had a blast at Joe and Lisa's.. My step-daughter and the girls were so glad that they came..Nikkie made a nice fruit pizza..yummy...
We didn't stay out of the water for any great length of time. It was too hot to try to sit around for long.
Even Bella swam with us out to the raft..(with a life jacket of course).
She even jumped off the raft..I was so surprised..and she was sooo proud to be out there with everyone:)

Lisa had gotten a pinata..We laughed so hard at the kids trying to hit it..
Lisa also had small outside gifts for the kids..They were all in heaven..
When it was time to leave all of the kids went and gave Lisa a hug and kiss good-bye along with their thank you...I think that says a lot about what kind of kids they are..with it being the first time they had met her and Joe..

Anyway, a great time was had by all....

We finally have JJ's address..Yay..I've sent two letters already..They had told us to write as many as we could...

It's getting late and I have a cleaning job in the I guess I better get some sleep:)
I'll be sleeping in the living room where the air conditioner's 10:15pm and it's still 88 degrees...ugh..I've had enough of this heat for sure.....

Stay Cool!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I am getting ready to go to my friends house for some sun and fun!!

My daughter, along with Paris will be going also..and for the cherry on top, my step-daughter and three granddaughters will be going...YAY...

I think it will be nice for my step-daughter and the girls to start meeting my friends..
My girlfriend has a beautiful pond in her back yard...I know the girls will absolutely love spending the day in the water:)

we spent the last couple of days cleaning the pond..there were NASTY leaves laying on top of the water..Usually the rain takes care of a good portion of them..BUT since we haven't had any rain they have just floated on top..
We used Lisa's paddle boat to get around...the funny part is that the first day..we used our hands to kind of steer where we wanted to go..the second day I notice a was for the made the job so much easier..

I sent a facebook message to my grandsons fiance'.. I didn't want her to be sitting around today with nothing to do and missing him..She is going to have a family cook out..I think she was a little surprised that I would ask...we haven't had much contact..but I figure that keeping in contact would be something that would make JJ happy:)

I made baked beans for the party today..I have them in the dutch oven.
It is getting harder to pull something like that out of the over..Good thing Paris and Shannon are stopping here before the party..then he can carry it to the car...
I also made red white and blue cup cakes..they turned out really cute..I know the kids will love them..

Shannon and I are going to make a walmart run before the party..I want to see if I can find a floaty or two for the kids to have in the water...

That's it for now..
Have a Happy and Safe 4th!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Sunday already..the week-end sure does go by fast..

Friday night was so darned hectic..and I don't think my last 4 days with the company are going to be much better..

I've got two guys that are mad at me because I gave them verbal warnings on the quality of their cleaning...Oh well, do your job..
One sent me a text on Friday stating that he can't work on Monday because he has a doctors appointment..He can't even get into his job until I don't know what type of doctor he is going to but I'm sure he can get to work..

I gave the other guy his warning letter on Friday and the last thing he asked me is "what time do I have to call in by if I'm not going to make it to work?"
On top of the worry about two people not showing up on Monday, I have to train at one bank and then drive approximately 35 miles to cover another building..Lucky me...
I am so over all of this crap..I just keep counting the 4 left.

Today I cleaned out the van and organized everything..I also cleaned out my garage. I had extra supplies stored so I wouldn't always be driving the 20 miles to the office..
I put all of the extra's in a box so they are ready when I take the van back..

Of course, the van brakes are starting to make a grinding noise..NO, it couldn't wait until I gave it luck...
I sent my boss an e-mail about it today so he can make arrangements to take it in..Hopefully it will last the week.

I bought my ingredients today for the baked beans and red, white and blue cake I am taking to my friends house on the 4th..
Trying to stay one step ahead...we know how that goes though..the best laid plans of mice and men..(I think that's how it goes)

Time to get my supply order in..Hope everyone has a great week:)