Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I started yet another new job today..lol..It's good to be working...This company cleans houses..I worked with two other girls..they were both nice. The one thing that I'm not too sure about it having to drive with someone else. The girl today does not seem to be the best driver..lol..I would prefer to take my own car but I'm not going to stress about it..

Then my boss, Dave called and left a message for me that he had some work on Friday if I want it..ugh..I called him when I got home and told him about my new job. I will tell him that if he can give me enough day hours, I would like to just work for him..but I'm not sure he can come up with enough hours..
He does have a short run on Saturday that I said I would take..I will have to drive to Madison, which is about 65 miles for me. There are two ATM's that you have to go into to use..the only thing I have to do is grab the garbage and then clean the glass doors..Dave will pay me for travel time, so that is really where I will make my money..ten dollars an hour to drive..I'll take that..lol..and I will get to use the company vehicle..
Speaking of company vehicles..the van that I used while I was account manager was stolen..the new manager stopped at her church on Monday afternoon for a bit and that's when it was stolen..yikes..some people just don't care...
All of the keys for all of the buildings was in it..Thank God she didn't have the paper with the names of the buildings in there too...

My grandson JJ is growing up while training to become a Marine:)
His letters have gotten more concerned with being with family..I'm so glad about that..
His girlfriend will not be going to San Diego with us..I'm glad about that. She has proven that she isn't concerned about getting to know us, so I think it's best that we don't get stuck with her for the trip..JJ will be heading home from San Diego on the Friday he graduates..Sept.21..We will be going on Sept.18 and then we have family day on Thurs. Graduation on friday and we will be staying out there until Sun...Can't wait..
He wants to get home to see the girlfriend of course and we understand that:)
From the letters home, he has now received his uniforms with his nametapes on them and his dress uniforms...I better take LOTS of kleenex with me, I know we will be crying like babies..lol..

Well, time to get ready for work...I'm doing a job for Dave tonight..
Need that money for our trip..oh, and bills..lol..

Have a great week!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's taken me a little more time than I thought it would to post an entry:)

The new job did not work out for me:( It was more than one thing that led to the demise..lol...First of all, I do not have prescription glasses. I have glasses from the dollar store..lol...Now, I will say that for the most part and until now, I was doing fine with these..Not so much for the new job...I really needed a good pair of glasses..A lot of the work was very detailed..

The second thing that happened was that the lead I was working well with went on vacation for 3 or 4 days..The person that took over for her was not very willing to work with me to get through things..
I had two days of her picking apart my work and to be honest I just couldn't take it anymore..
We had to work on Saturday morning..I went there with a good attitude. When I got there, I told her that I knew I was having a difficult time seeing some of the lines..I also asked that she bear with me and I would see if I could get into see someone about glasses that afternoon..
I tried my best and it wasn't good enough.
The final straw was when I started to notice that I was the only one that was being held to the highest of standards..ugh...
We were supposed to work until noon and at 11:45 I told her that I didn't feel well and I was leaving.

Monday morning I called the employment agency and left a message saying that I wasn't going back to that particular job..

I talked to my boss at the cleaning company and he has a lot of fill in work for me this coming week..He's been a life saver for sure:)
He also said he would be needing another account manager soon..I gave it some thought, but I can't..that position was killing me and I can't see going back to it.
I'll try to tough it out for a bit and see what happens..if I can't come up with something, I may have to reconsider it:)

Saturday my daughter, Paris and I went camping in the Dells..We didn't spend much because we are getting our money together for San Diego, but we had a wonderful time..at least Saturday we did..lol..We got our camp set up.
We went into town for a bit..got a quick burger and then walmart..lol We always end up there...I bought a four pack of wine coolers, she got a six pack of beer and some soda..we got already made fried chicken and then we went back to the campground..We had a blast in the pool..lots of good exercise..
We sat around our camp fire until 11:30 and then went to bed..we were in there about 20 minutes and the rain started..lol...it rained all night and all day today..Take my word for it, it is NOT fun breaking down camp in the rain...But we didn't let it get us down..
Last night was a perfect night..Not too hot, no bugs (well, not many) and a couple of beers..lol...

I washed a load of clothes and towels when I got home..my car is a mess from all of the sand but it will have to wait until tomorrow to get cleaned..and then we have to get the tent dried out and packed away.

Shannon had a letter from JJ when we got home..He is finally realizing that his girlfriend is not going to be coming to his graduation..I feel so bad for him..but she would have been a pain in the ass to bring along. I hope that he doesn't try to get married on his 10 day leave..Please pray!
I want him to do what he needs to do for his future and career..and that means NOT getting married at this point..

Well, guess that's about it for now:) Have a great week...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

It was a hectic week at work..Oh my gosh, you wouldn't think masking things off would be so complicated..lol...

I think I'm taking longer than the lead wants me to be..but there are so many different parts to remember..The gas tank, side cover, a left and a right side carrier and the tour pack..
Then you have to know which parts are for an ultra and which for a road king (types of bikes)...

You have to mask things according to where they will be going to next. The paint line versus hand graphics...lol..I am doing better but not sure I will get as fast as they need and want me to be..
Some of it is like wrapping Christmas presents..lol..I thing I'm trying to make these look too good...
Oh well, we'll see how next week goes...right now, I have to have the money and the rest will fall into place..

I also did some cleaning for my ex boss (not really as I'm still cleaning).
I worked Thursday and Friday nights for an hour and a half each..not a whole lot but it will help and the job isn't far from my house..I'll also work Monday..
Dave sent me an email telling me that my next check will reflect my vacation payout..I am so happy about that..I intend to use most of it to pay for my air fare to San Diego:)

I have to say, as much of a struggle as it has been to be in a new environment, I am loving not having a work phone with people calling all the time..I have been able to come home, cook something for dinner, clean up after and relax...

Now I'm going to do some laundry and I'm making tuna salad for my daughter...lol...tomorrow is her 39th birthday..(still can't believe it)..she loves my tuna salad, so I know she will enjoy getting it..I'm going to make her a cake too..
We are going to go to our state fair for a bit today..so I'll pay her way and buy lunch...We're both trying to save for the trip so it will be a smaller present this year...

Time to get moving here..Hope everyone has a great day:)