Saturday, August 4, 2012

It was a hectic week at work..Oh my gosh, you wouldn't think masking things off would be so

I think I'm taking longer than the lead wants me to be..but there are so many different parts to remember..The gas tank, side cover, a left and a right side carrier and the tour pack..
Then you have to know which parts are for an ultra and which for a road king (types of bikes)...

You have to mask things according to where they will be going to next. The paint line versus hand am doing better but not sure I will get as fast as they need and want me to be..
Some of it is like wrapping Christmas thing I'm trying to make these look too good...
Oh well, we'll see how next week goes...right now, I have to have the money and the rest will fall into place..

I also did some cleaning for my ex boss (not really as I'm still cleaning).
I worked Thursday and Friday nights for an hour and a half each..not a whole lot but it will help and the job isn't far from my house..I'll also work Monday..
Dave sent me an email telling me that my next check will reflect my vacation payout..I am so happy about that..I intend to use most of it to pay for my air fare to San Diego:)

I have to say, as much of a struggle as it has been to be in a new environment, I am loving not having a work phone with people calling all the time..I have been able to come home, cook something for dinner, clean up after and relax...

Now I'm going to do some laundry and I'm making tuna salad for my is her 39th birthday..(still can't believe it)..she loves my tuna salad, so I know she will enjoy getting it..I'm going to make her a cake too..
We are going to go to our state fair for a bit I'll pay her way and buy lunch...We're both trying to save for the trip so it will be a smaller present this year...

Time to get moving here..Hope everyone has a great day:)


Hollie said...

I probably wouldn't be good at that job as I HATE WRAPPING Christmas presents!!! LOL I put everything that I can in bags!! LOL

Sounds like a great birthday to me!!!

slj said...

for your last two posts, I have been trying to leave a reply and haven't been able to..Don't know what the problem is. I never had a problem before...Just didn't want you to think I wasn't stopping by:)
STAY on blogger:)