Monday, September 17, 2012

JJ looking right at camera..second Marine from left:)
Marine Collins...Far right..

I'm going to work and then heading to the air port at 4:00am...San Diego here we come:) Can't wait to see my handsome new Marine...

I'll post plenty of pictures when I get back..Have a great week:)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hollie, I have not been able to reply to your last 3 or 4 posts..Don't know what the problem is..I know those passwords can be tricky to figure out once in a while but I know I was able to get them right..Just didn't want you to think that I wasn't reading or commenting on your blog..

Now for the grandest news of all!! My grandson is now a MARINE!!
We haven't talked to him and won't until we go out to San Diego next week.But we are so excited..My daughter has had three different t-shirts made up for are so darned cute..

I'll post a few pictures..
The last 54 hours have been horrible knowing what these young men have had to endure to become Marines..I didn't sleep well last night at all. I kept dreaming about JJ trying to make his way up the hill known as the reaper..
They have only had 4 hours of sleep the last three nights..Only three meals..Meals ready to eat..
It's too much to go into but just know that these young men have EARNED the right to call themselves Marines:)

We were so pleased to see our boys in videos that an independent company makes two weeks prior to graduation..
JJ's platoon had three trophies sitting on the ground in front of them.
One of the ladies on a special site was so kind to take the time to make still pictures of our boys for each of us..

The picture of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor pin is what the guys receive after their walk back down from the reaper..
Oh how we wish we could have been there for their return..
Then they walk the seven (I think) miles back to Camp Pennington to a Warriors breakfast..all they can eat, steak, eggs and potatoes...

Lucy, when your grandson goes to boot camp let me know and I will get some information for you that is VERY informative for the families of the recruits..Your daughter might like the support that it helped us so much..

The picture of the proud grandma sign was made by one of the dads from that sight..His name is Mike and he did a wonderful job..

We will get to meet a lot of these parents on Wed..we have set up a meet and greet..Then Thursday we have family day with our new Marines and then Friday is graduation day...

I'm going to close for now as I'm exhausted from not

Hope you all have a nice week-end:)