Saturday, October 13, 2012

I got a LOT done today..Cleaned out and re-organized closets..
Made dinner (although it's a late dinner, lol..)..jumped my daughters car, made a Walmart run, 2 loads of laundry..put out my fall/ Halloween decorations and re-potted a plant...

Not too bad..I even got a short little nap in knew I woke up WAY to early this morning..

It's been raining on and off all it was a good day to get inside stuff done.
It seems like I am always doing the closets..My Mom used to laugh about that. It just seems like they get cluttered up fairly fast. 

When JJ was in boot camp, I sent a request to my State Senator that a flag be flown over the capitol in his honor on becoming a Marine on Sept.21st . It costs 18.00...
It came and the paper work that comes with it is impressive.
I thought it was a flag flown at Wisconsin's state capitol. But according to the paper work, this flag was flown over the capito in Washington DC.. I think this is so cool.. I am going to give it to him for Christmas:) It sure is something that he won't get from someone

Not too much else is new..Last week was busy with lots of work..I'm hoping that this week is not as hectic. 

I'm not a happy camper with the football schedule for tomorrow. Ugh..the Packers don't play until 7:20pm..THAT sucks..I like a noon game..Once in a while I like to go meet friends for at least part of the game..That will not happen with the game being so late.  
I'll probably watch my Sunday shows and check in to see how they're doing..

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week-end:) 


Hollie said...

Closets....ugh! Yes, mine gets cluttered up too fast!

How cool about the flad!!! I love it!!!!

We are resting up around here today! I might even get a nap in! LOL

Lucy said...

That is so nice about the flag. I think about Ryan so often. I know he is doing well.

Linda :) said...

That is very cool about the flag... :)