Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Have been in such a state of confusion as to what to do next with my didn't think that would be the case at my age..
Almost every day I am upset with myself for not thinking of my future when I was younger..Not going to school and getting a degree so that I would have a career..foolish young me..
Now I tell every young girl that will listen that she needs to make sure she has an that she doesn't end up like

Financially it has been a rough road..especially with the new car payments...and of course the trip to San Diego didn't help..but how could I not go and watch my grandson graduate?

I have been getting about 5 hours a night working at the school. Not enough to live on for sure..I have also picked up whatever extra hours I can as a fill in..
On Monday, one of the other cleaners at the school decided to quit. I asked my boss if I could have his hours..3 extra hours a night.. He has now said that I can have them..YAY..I can make my 8 hours a night..and I won't have to worry about trying to pick up extra hours...
I had gone last week to a nearby hotel and they hired me to work on Saturday and Sunday..So much for being able to have the grandkids over..but I was doing what I needed to do to survive..
Now I won't have to do that..Thank goodness..

I am also going to go back to school to earn some type of certificate or degree..My daughter is going to go with me to help me through the process..It's a scary prospect but I know I won't be able to do the physical work that my present job entails...
I figure even if it takes me a year or two to get the degree, in the long run, I will still be ahead...

So things are looking up and I am Thankful to God for answering my prayers!!

The trip to San Diego was so awesome I can't even explain..
So, for right now, I will post a few pictures and come back at a later time and tell more about what we did:)

 That is MY grandson (with the red USMC flag) leading the platoons with his drill instructor
 JJ - Front right with the flag
 JJ - Front right
 He  had an AWESOME roll in this graduation:)

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Hollie said...

I'm so proud of you!!!

Great pictures!! I know you are proud of JJ also!!