Sunday, October 21, 2012

My computer may be starting to fall apart..Believe me, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it holds up until the new year:)
The back button fell guess it could be worse..although it is getting slower with time, it still boots up:)

I've been in a bit of a funk this last week..can't quite put my finger on it..well, I guess that's not true..Finances have me going in I'm about $400.00 a month short of what I was making..ugh..and the trip to San Diego didn't help..even with the help from my daughter..
I know I'll be okay once I get my bills on a good schedule..but that is going to take about a month..then Christmas will be here..

Okay..enough of that..I talked with my daughter about it and did agree that even with the lower income, I am by far better off now than when I was the account manager..I know what my hours will be, I don't have people calling me 24/7 with complaints or telling me they won't be in to work..

My grandson upset me a bit..We waited two weeks to hear from him. They didn't get their cell phones until yesterday afternoon..And what does he do?? He spends his entire free time talking to and texting his girlfriend...Oh, I get it to some degree but geezzzzz, do you think you could spend a little time talking to ME?
lol..He did finally call me today..we had a nice talk..
Last week, he used a machine gun and got to throw liked that..He likes his drill instructors..again, this is unusual..but I'm sure it helps getting through this training portion. He will graduate at the end of the month and then he will head to Damneck Virginia..He thinks after he checks in there he might be able to come home for 30 days..that would be nice..

I swear facebook is the cause of more daughter and step-daughter got into a battle on there and then my step-daughter unfriended don't know what I did..I'm assuming that my step-daughter wanted to be able to vent about my daughter without me seeing is fine. I just think she could have told me before she unfriended me....oh well..

I'm trying to make a few meals so I have something on hand..I haven't been eating very well lately..
I've been experiencing some dizziness again the last week or two. I think not eating right is part of it. I have been trying to drink a LOT of water also because I think I may get dehydrated easily doing this type of work..Very frustrating to say the

Well, I guess that's about it for Not very exciting here..

Have a great week:)     



Linda :) said...

Finances always have everyone going round in circles... lol... I've always found that my time is more important than money, but man is that money important too... glad you worked it out and made the job change... it will all work out in the long run... Have a great week and don't forget to eat... :)

Hollie said...

I'm stressing about money also with Christmas not too far away!! Honestly, I wish we could do away with presents and just focus on the season and spending time together with some good food!!

I feel for ya about the grandson!! I know how that is as Colt doesn't bother to answer most of or calls or texts, but if Hannah texts are calls he breaks his next to answer! Arrrrgh

Facebook is aggravating to me at times too....or rather some of the people.

Hugs my friend!!

Hollie said...

our calls or texts......and breaks his neck

Geez...I need to read what I type before hitting publish!!! Sorry