Thursday, November 29, 2012

I went for a 2nd interview today...I had to sign the form so that they can do the background check..She had one of the cleaners to come in and tell me a little bit about the job..Really, all she did was talk about how they go about doing a defrost on the
She seemed very nice though:)

The housekeeping manager did say that if the background check goes well, I will have the job..and that she would like to eventually have me be the lead cleaner..order supplies and keep things organized and running smoothly..hum..She did not say that there would be a pay increase with the added responsibilities..I don't mind doing more and advancing in my position..but I've learned my lesson working for Dave..I AM NOT going to keep giving to a company that does not value me enough to adjust my wages:)

Otherwise I will just do my own work and let someone else have the
I can't wait to talk to Human Resources...that's when I will be able to find out more about the health insurance...YAY..(I hope)...
I'm so afraid that the cost will be more than I can afford..I'm not going to worry about that now though..I'm sure it will all work out in the end..
I might hear something as early as tomorrow:) I'll keep you posted..

I am having an issue with the spell check on my will underline words partially..the word is spelled correctly..but it will still underline part of the word..Very frustrating:)

We are supposed to be in the 50's this fact, it's 50 right now.. I'm going to clean my car.. The windows are streaked. I had taken a full service car wash and they did a terrible now I'll get out there and do the windows myself:)

Time to start getting ready for work....Have a great day:)       

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Busy, busy 4 day week-end...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know that even with the trials that we all face, there are still so many more things to be grateful for:)

We went out for was very nice..We ate too much and had good conversation..There is a game area in the upper area of the restaurant and we spent some time there..

When I came home I decided to get started on my Christmas decorations..I put the lights on the tree and then started getting some of my foods prepared for the next day..

I picked up Cameron and Destiny about 11:00am Friday morning.
We finished cooking our dinner and then sat down to eat..yummy..

Then we got the bins out of the basement and the kids put the decorations on the tree..they did a really good job..

We played games and early evening I made homemade pop kids said "we make our pop corn in the micro wave"

Destiny and I watched "It's a wonderful life"..I was surprised that she watched the entire movie..I know it's so different than most young kids are used to..I was the one that fell asleep on and off during the was a good sport about it:)

I took them home at noon on Saturday..then spent the rest of the day getting things around here in order..

Today I wrapped what presents I already have and placed them under the tree..I have to say, it looks really nice..I love the glow of the lights. I usually have all of the other lights's just peaceful..

Tomorrow starts another week..ugh..not looking forward to going back to work..but then, I know I'm not alone in that:)

 We used the good china..Cameron said it was like eating at a fancy
 Destiny and Cameron..
 Cameron making the gravy..
 Destiny getting the rolls ready..
 Cutting up the cranberry "jello" as she calls
 Checking her rolls..
Getting ready for the movie........                                                                                                     Still keeping my fingers crossed that I get a call about the other job..I finally called her last Wed..she was out of the office for the week..I'll keep you posted:)           

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My grandsons Marine pictures finally came...Yaahoooo....
I LOVE this picture of him..Can't wait to get mine and hang it:)

I had baked him and his "brothers" some chocolate chip cookies and then I went and bought him a pizza oven..It is an early Christmas present..
I shipped them out yesterday and he should get them by Monday..
It cost me $8.42 to ship the cookies and 12.00 to ship the pizza pricing doesn't even make sense..Next time I will try to use a flat rate shipping box..

I re-arranged my living room furniture and put my tree up..I have to these things in stages now..otherwise my body puts up a protest..
For Thanksgiving my daughter and grandkids and I are going out for dinner..we did the same last year and really enjoyed it..
I think my brother may come along..not sure how that will go..he can sometimes be a little difficult..Hope for the best:)

On Friday, Cameron and Destiny are coming over for the night..I did talk to their mom and we seem to have moved past her fight with my daughter and granddaughter..thank goodness..

I'm going to have the kids help me haul decorations up from the basement and decorate the tree..I know they will love it..We are also going to make a nice turkey dinner and use the china..I know they will get a kick out of that:)

I will have off on Thursday and Friday..It will be heavenly. Although next week when I get paid, it won't feel so

I've waited all week to hear something from the lady that I had the interview with..ugh..I hate the waiting, this morning, I decided to give her a call..She has been out all week and will return next week..So, there is still a chance!! Yay...

Today I get to go to work early because the kids only have a half day of school..I will start at two and be done at eight or nine..That sure beats getting out at

Guess that's it for now..

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last weekend I had my grandson Mason over for the night..He turned 9 on Nov.1st..I don't know where the time goes..the kids are all getting so big..I'm just glad that they still get excited to come and spend time with me..

I talked to my step-daughter shortly after the facebook war between her and my daughter, and granddaughter..
She said it won't affect me seeing the kids but she doesn't feel comfortable with me anymore..ugh..I really don't need this..but it is what it is and if she wants to put me in the category with my daughter then I can't stop that..It's just a shame that she can't focus on the fact that I had nothing to do with the disagreement..

We'll see how it goes the next time I call to get the kids..

The job isn't going to well..Everything was fine until they started changing things around..ugh..the lead seems to want to micro manage everything..I don't know why, it doesn't make sense..if it's already working, WHY mess with it..
She put up such a fuss about me coming in an hour earlier than everyone else that Dave changed my start time back to 5:30pm..
The part that really sucks is that while I was an account manager, I always tried to accommodate people with start times..
I brought to his attention that not only do I work one to two hours longer than everyone else, I live 35 minutes away..they all live within 10 to 15 minutes away..
It doesn't matter, they want us all to start at the same time..
I guess I'm disappointed that Dave doesn't give me more consideration after all the work I have done for him..To me it shows that although I tried to be a loyal employee, it doesn't matter..

I got on Craigs list and found a cleaning position. It had just been posted. I went right away and applied..Then yesterday I had a phone interview..and today I have an in person interview..I'm excited..there are some downfalls..It's only 35 hours a week..The good news is:
It's the same pay that I'm getting now.
It will save me 30 miles a day in driving time.
There is potential for health insurance.
One weeks paid vacation.
The best part is that it is Monday thru Friday.
Although I might then have to give up the house cleaning job that I've had for many years..

On that note, I better get moving here and head out for the interview..I'll let you know how it goes:)

Have a great day...



Saturday, November 3, 2012

The top picture is the "hill" the Marines have to hike..You can see the road on the right...
The second picture is my grandsons platoon..He is in the front row, 3rd from the left..They have someone on base that takes random pictures..I was lucky enough to spot him in this one..Lol..I used a magnifying glass..ha-ha...

Thanks for the comments ladies..I do appreciate it:)
Linda it was so nice to see your comment..I miss you:) 
Hollie, your comment made me laugh..Thanks..

I am so glad that the week-end is here..I don't have any plans yet but that's okay..I need to spend some time tomorrow doing my laundry..and then I'm going to make some meals for the coming week..

I also want to spend some time getting my papers in order for my ancestry is a mess..
I can't believe how time consuming it is..Trying to keep everyone that belongs together
I need to find a paper family tree..I'm not sure where to look..Maybe it's time to

I also need to look for some type of keep sake book for my granddaughters published articles..
She just had another front page story for the Marquette Tribune..
It was an article on Autism..and it was REALLY good:)
My daughter suggested looking at Michaels..good idea..I love that store..

I need to make a list, because if I don't, I forget about it and then remember at the most inopportune

Time to think about getting some sleep:)
Have a nice week-end!!