Sunday, November 25, 2012

Busy, busy 4 day week-end...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know that even with the trials that we all face, there are still so many more things to be grateful for:)

We went out for was very nice..We ate too much and had good conversation..There is a game area in the upper area of the restaurant and we spent some time there..

When I came home I decided to get started on my Christmas decorations..I put the lights on the tree and then started getting some of my foods prepared for the next day..

I picked up Cameron and Destiny about 11:00am Friday morning.
We finished cooking our dinner and then sat down to eat..yummy..

Then we got the bins out of the basement and the kids put the decorations on the tree..they did a really good job..

We played games and early evening I made homemade pop kids said "we make our pop corn in the micro wave"

Destiny and I watched "It's a wonderful life"..I was surprised that she watched the entire movie..I know it's so different than most young kids are used to..I was the one that fell asleep on and off during the was a good sport about it:)

I took them home at noon on Saturday..then spent the rest of the day getting things around here in order..

Today I wrapped what presents I already have and placed them under the tree..I have to say, it looks really nice..I love the glow of the lights. I usually have all of the other lights's just peaceful..

Tomorrow starts another week..ugh..not looking forward to going back to work..but then, I know I'm not alone in that:)

 We used the good china..Cameron said it was like eating at a fancy
 Destiny and Cameron..
 Cameron making the gravy..
 Destiny getting the rolls ready..
 Cutting up the cranberry "jello" as she calls
 Checking her rolls..
Getting ready for the movie........                                                                                                     Still keeping my fingers crossed that I get a call about the other job..I finally called her last Wed..she was out of the office for the week..I'll keep you posted:)           


Linda :) said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving you had... Have a great week at work... I am off today after working three of your four days off, lol... :)

Hollie said...

What a wonderful time you had together!! I loved seeing all the photos! So sweet! The tree looks lovely!!! Praying all goes well with the job!!