Thursday, November 29, 2012

I went for a 2nd interview today...I had to sign the form so that they can do the background check..She had one of the cleaners to come in and tell me a little bit about the job..Really, all she did was talk about how they go about doing a defrost on the
She seemed very nice though:)

The housekeeping manager did say that if the background check goes well, I will have the job..and that she would like to eventually have me be the lead cleaner..order supplies and keep things organized and running smoothly..hum..She did not say that there would be a pay increase with the added responsibilities..I don't mind doing more and advancing in my position..but I've learned my lesson working for Dave..I AM NOT going to keep giving to a company that does not value me enough to adjust my wages:)

Otherwise I will just do my own work and let someone else have the
I can't wait to talk to Human Resources...that's when I will be able to find out more about the health insurance...YAY..(I hope)...
I'm so afraid that the cost will be more than I can afford..I'm not going to worry about that now though..I'm sure it will all work out in the end..
I might hear something as early as tomorrow:) I'll keep you posted..

I am having an issue with the spell check on my will underline words partially..the word is spelled correctly..but it will still underline part of the word..Very frustrating:)

We are supposed to be in the 50's this fact, it's 50 right now.. I'm going to clean my car.. The windows are streaked. I had taken a full service car wash and they did a terrible now I'll get out there and do the windows myself:)

Time to start getting ready for work....Have a great day:)       


Linda :) said...

Good luck on the job... seems everywhere nowadays that they get as much out of you for as little as possible... I've noticed either on live-writer for my blog or my email keeps highlighting half the word too when it is spelled correctly... just means we are smarter than the computer... :)

Hollie said...

Good Luck on the job!! I can't post pictures to my blog. It says I've exceeded the limit and wants me to buy more storage! I don't know what I'm going to do as I like using pictures!

Lucy said...

Good luck on the job. Cold here but no snow, which I do not miss. My grandson will be graduating soon and his dad and wife and the other set of grandparents are going to go. Hope they get a picture of the new Marine.