Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last weekend I had my grandson Mason over for the night..He turned 9 on Nov.1st..I don't know where the time goes..the kids are all getting so big..I'm just glad that they still get excited to come and spend time with me..

I talked to my step-daughter shortly after the facebook war between her and my daughter, and granddaughter..
She said it won't affect me seeing the kids but she doesn't feel comfortable with me anymore..ugh..I really don't need this..but it is what it is and if she wants to put me in the category with my daughter then I can't stop that..It's just a shame that she can't focus on the fact that I had nothing to do with the disagreement..

We'll see how it goes the next time I call to get the kids..

The job isn't going to well..Everything was fine until they started changing things around..ugh..the lead seems to want to micro manage everything..I don't know why, it doesn't make sense..if it's already working, WHY mess with it..
She put up such a fuss about me coming in an hour earlier than everyone else that Dave changed my start time back to 5:30pm..
The part that really sucks is that while I was an account manager, I always tried to accommodate people with start times..
I brought to his attention that not only do I work one to two hours longer than everyone else, I live 35 minutes away..they all live within 10 to 15 minutes away..
It doesn't matter, they want us all to start at the same time..
I guess I'm disappointed that Dave doesn't give me more consideration after all the work I have done for him..To me it shows that although I tried to be a loyal employee, it doesn't matter..

I got on Craigs list and found a cleaning position. It had just been posted. I went right away and applied..Then yesterday I had a phone interview..and today I have an in person interview..I'm excited..there are some downfalls..It's only 35 hours a week..The good news is:
It's the same pay that I'm getting now.
It will save me 30 miles a day in driving time.
There is potential for health insurance.
One weeks paid vacation.
The best part is that it is Monday thru Friday.
Although I might then have to give up the house cleaning job that I've had for many years..

On that note, I better get moving here and head out for the interview..I'll let you know how it goes:)

Have a great day...




Linda :) said...

Sorry about the new job... but Woo Hoo on the interview! Good Luck!!!
and sorry about the family trouble...

Lucy said...

Good luck on the interview. That is one problem with Facebook. I know I should stay out of there or with my luck I will wind up with a problem.