Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My grandsons Marine pictures finally came...Yaahoooo....
I LOVE this picture of him..Can't wait to get mine and hang it:)

I had baked him and his "brothers" some chocolate chip cookies and then I went and bought him a pizza oven..It is an early Christmas present..
I shipped them out yesterday and he should get them by Monday..
It cost me $8.42 to ship the cookies and 12.00 to ship the pizza pricing doesn't even make sense..Next time I will try to use a flat rate shipping box..

I re-arranged my living room furniture and put my tree up..I have to these things in stages now..otherwise my body puts up a protest..
For Thanksgiving my daughter and grandkids and I are going out for dinner..we did the same last year and really enjoyed it..
I think my brother may come along..not sure how that will go..he can sometimes be a little difficult..Hope for the best:)

On Friday, Cameron and Destiny are coming over for the night..I did talk to their mom and we seem to have moved past her fight with my daughter and granddaughter..thank goodness..

I'm going to have the kids help me haul decorations up from the basement and decorate the tree..I know they will love it..We are also going to make a nice turkey dinner and use the china..I know they will get a kick out of that:)

I will have off on Thursday and Friday..It will be heavenly. Although next week when I get paid, it won't feel so

I've waited all week to hear something from the lady that I had the interview with..ugh..I hate the waiting, this morning, I decided to give her a call..She has been out all week and will return next week..So, there is still a chance!! Yay...

Today I get to go to work early because the kids only have a half day of school..I will start at two and be done at eight or nine..That sure beats getting out at

Guess that's it for now..

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Hollie said...

Your grandson looks very handsome! I know you are so proud!!

Glad things are going better with the family!

Keep us posted on the interview! Good luck!!