Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dec. 29th, 2012

Things have been a little crazy around's new?

The night with the 4 little ones went well..we had a lot of fun and the baby didn't seem to miss her mommy at goodness..
 She even slept all night which I was very happy about..

The kids got along fairly well..not too  much bickering between them..
I even let them go outside to play by themselves for a bit..they built a fort..ha-ha..the snow was so frozen but the did find hunks of snow that they could the end though, they were happy with it and liked being able to spend some time outside:)

Christmas Eve, I went with my daughter and the kids to my nieces house..she has open you can show up anytime. Our original plan was to go there for a bit and then go to my daughters house to open our presents..But because my daughter had worked a double shift and didn't get off work until 3:00pm we decided to just take our presents to my nieces house and do our exchange there. It worked out  very nicely..We didn't even have to do any cooking, which is always a bonus:)

Every one was more than pleased with their always give Paris a money tree..He didn't wait two minutes before taking his money off of the tree and putting it in his wallet..
My granddaughter Monique thought I gave her a photo album until I told her to open it and she discovered that it held the articles she has written for her college newspaper..she had such a look of shock on her could see that it was something that really touched her heart:) 
She loved the rice cooker that I got her..who would think that at 19 a rice cooker would be such a hit? ha-ha...
 I gave her boyfriend Brian a visa gift card..he can use it anywhere.
I gave my daughter a gift card for Sephora..she loves there products..

Monique and Brian gave me a gift card for Mongolian Grill.. LOVE their fact, my daughter and I are going to go there for lunch today...Can't wait!!
 My daughter gave me a combination VHS-DVD player..believe it or not, I still have some VHS we have a ton of VHS home videos..I am going to convert them to DVD's..Hopefully it won't be too hard to do..
I also received a 25.00 gift card for Applebee's..some perfume, $20.00 gift card for Starbucks, a nice throw blanket, and some other items..
OH, and something I had asked my daughter for was a trunk organizer..she got me two of them..they collapse when not being used..Now my groceries won't be rolling all over the trunk..

I think I'll end this with a couple of photos...
 Laylana opening her first gift..
 Silly girl..

                Time for some sleep:)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

We had plenty of the "white" stuff fall last night..We had had a record of 280 some days without now we are getting all kinds of it...
It started last night while I was at work..thankfully only shortly before it was time to leave..I stopped at Walmart on my way home so I wouldn't have to worry about going out today..there were quite a few people there.
As I was heading south on the highway, the snow was changing to rain. I drove in that for about 8 miles and then it turned to snow was glad that I had gotten a few groceries..
School is closed today because another storm system is heading our way this afternoon..Which means, I don't have to work tonight..Yay...(I know I need the money and next week when the paycheck comes I'll feel it) but it sure feels darned nice knowing that I don't have to go out into nasty weather. Especially at night..
Tomorrow night will be my last night there..Then the day after Christmas I start my new job:) Can't wait to be working the day shift...

Today I've made chicken noodle soup..cleaned the stove..put bows on the presents and next I'm going to make another batch of cookies and get things dusted..that should do it..Tomorrow morning I have my cleaning job..I bought them a couple of cute gifts..they've been so good to me:) She always gives me a $70.00 bonus:)  I know I shouldn't count on that but I really need it to get me thru the next few days of last minute things I need when having the 4 younger grandkids over...
I didn't expect to have the baby, so that should REALLY be
I'll take lots of pictures..she looks just like a baby tiny and a TON of hair..

Hope everyone is having a great week:) 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh, how I love you Friday!!! lol...Really, I do love this day as I'm sure many people do:) I will really love it when I'm on days and Friday night can be included into my week-end:)

I was on my way to my car this morning when my cell phone rang. It was a number that I didn't recognize so at first I wasn't going to answer it..but I did..It was a woman from a rehab/ elder care facility that I had applied to a while back. One that my friend works at..They were in need of a cleaner again..I told her that I had just accepted a position at another facility..
Guess they made a bad choice when they made their decision last time they were
I think I'm going to be much happier with the job I'm going to be starting..
I have orientation on Monday. It starts at, I'm going to take that day off at my present job..I know they won't be too happy but if I don't, I will not only be late getting to work but I will have a 45 mile rush hour so who knows how long it will take me. I'm going to let my manager know today so she can prepare for it.
They have been so uncaring about my feelings that I don't really care anymore.
I have given this company a lot and have not seen any loyalty from them so I'm not going to worry about it:)
Last night the manager brought pizza out for us..because we work so hard..uh yah, a day late and a dollar short..
After break, she came into one of the rooms I was cleaning to tell me that one of the teachers told her that since I took over doing his room, it has never looked nicer..He has thanked me a couple of times for the nice job I do..
I think my boss should have thought about my work ethic before he decided not to back me up on a few of my requests..oh well, water under the bridge..they'll figure this out when they start getting complaints after I'm

I'm making cookies to send to my's going to be a hard Christmas with him being gone..This will be the first that one of  the kids won't be here:(
My grandson never ordered the pictures or dvd's offered at boot camp...ugh..
We made sure that he went back and ordered the pictures..what we didn't realize was how important the dvd would be..One of the Moms on our Delta sight started posting pictures and omg..I started finding pictures of my grandson..I was up until 3:30am looking thru them to find him..
I found pictures of him after they were done with The Crucible. I just started crying. I could see the emotion in his face. He was trying so hard not to cry..He did end up crying..He was so proud of himself. These boys had been up for 54 hours of very little sleep, a meal a day and miles of walking..
There were also pictures of them working out and doing other things..
LUCY....tell your grandson to order the pictures AND the dvd...
 Patrick is the 2nd on left
 Patrick is the young man right over the sgt.'s shoulder
 Patrick is on the right
 Patrick is first
Patrick and his Drill instructor turning to the right to acknowledge the oldest Marine that is standing there:)                                                                     

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Patricks ornament:) OoohRah...
Good morning/ afternoon....

I got the job:) I'm really excited about it..

The best news is that I will have access to health, dental and vision.. I don't know the cost yet..I am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to afford it..
I can't wait to be on first shift..ugh..this night time stuff is getting REAL old..
It is nice sometimes having availability during the day to do what I need to do, but long run, you can't beat first shift:)

I gave my two week notice and my boss was gracious about it..My last day with this company will be the 21st..My start date for the new job will be the day after Christmas..Yay..that will give me some time to re-adjust my sleep schedule and enjoy the Holiday:)

Today I started making my cookie dough..I didn't get any baked but at least I got a start on it. It's hard to do too much when I have a full night of work ahead of me.

I'm done Christmas shopping..and all of my wrapping..that is a huge job..Yay..I didn't spend as much this year as I normally do, but I know all of the kids will be happy with what they get..
I do have to get a couple of money cards ready but that's it..

I am having the 3 younger ones over for the night on the 22nd..Then my step-daughter sends a text and asks if I was planning on having the baby too...oh gosh, I would love to but I sure wasn't planning on that. I didn't think she would let her go for the night..I'll have to touch base with her again on that one..the good thing is that my daughter has a play pen..that will be a BiG

I bought the cutest Marine ornaments..You put their picture in it..I bought one for myself of course..and then one for my daughter and my grandsons part of their presents:)

Guess that's about it for news around here..
I wanted to dress up my blog for the Holidays and all I could manage to get was the small header picture..Very frustrating...