Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dec. 29th, 2012

Things have been a little crazy around's new?

The night with the 4 little ones went well..we had a lot of fun and the baby didn't seem to miss her mommy at goodness..
 She even slept all night which I was very happy about..

The kids got along fairly well..not too  much bickering between them..
I even let them go outside to play by themselves for a bit..they built a fort..ha-ha..the snow was so frozen but the did find hunks of snow that they could the end though, they were happy with it and liked being able to spend some time outside:)

Christmas Eve, I went with my daughter and the kids to my nieces house..she has open you can show up anytime. Our original plan was to go there for a bit and then go to my daughters house to open our presents..But because my daughter had worked a double shift and didn't get off work until 3:00pm we decided to just take our presents to my nieces house and do our exchange there. It worked out  very nicely..We didn't even have to do any cooking, which is always a bonus:)

Every one was more than pleased with their always give Paris a money tree..He didn't wait two minutes before taking his money off of the tree and putting it in his wallet..
My granddaughter Monique thought I gave her a photo album until I told her to open it and she discovered that it held the articles she has written for her college newspaper..she had such a look of shock on her could see that it was something that really touched her heart:) 
She loved the rice cooker that I got her..who would think that at 19 a rice cooker would be such a hit? ha-ha...
 I gave her boyfriend Brian a visa gift card..he can use it anywhere.
I gave my daughter a gift card for Sephora..she loves there products..

Monique and Brian gave me a gift card for Mongolian Grill.. LOVE their fact, my daughter and I are going to go there for lunch today...Can't wait!!
 My daughter gave me a combination VHS-DVD player..believe it or not, I still have some VHS we have a ton of VHS home videos..I am going to convert them to DVD's..Hopefully it won't be too hard to do..
I also received a 25.00 gift card for Applebee's..some perfume, $20.00 gift card for Starbucks, a nice throw blanket, and some other items..
OH, and something I had asked my daughter for was a trunk organizer..she got me two of them..they collapse when not being used..Now my groceries won't be rolling all over the trunk..

I think I'll end this with a couple of photos...
 Laylana opening her first gift..
 Silly girl..

                Time for some sleep:)

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Lucy said...

Just adorable pictures. Glad you had a good Christmas. Have a Happy New Year.