Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's been raining here on and off since last night..Right now it is 52 degrees..lol..Can't believe it's January.  Tomorrow it is supposed to keep raining, the temps will drop and it will turn to snow..Oh my gosh..such changes in a very short period.
 Last night, actually early morning, it started to thunder...which of course woke me up..Then I had a hard time falling back to sleep..ugh..
Needless to say, when I got home from work at 3:30, I REALLY could have taken a nap..ha-ha..I didn't..

I got the job..yay..I went for orientation last night for an hour..I will start the job on Thursday night..
The good thing about it is I only have an hour in between jobs..and it only ties up two nights a week..
I know I'm going to be really TIRED at the end of the night. but the positive is that I won't be hit so hard when my day job takes out for health insurance:) THAT is my silver lining...God has been my guide to doing what I need to do and I am so grateful!!

Sunday I made a few dinners to have during the week..Saves me from having to worry about it every day and I must say, I am loving it..
I think I'm going to try to do it every week:)

I've been dubbing my VHS tapes to DVD and it is amazing to see my older grandkids when they were so darned little
I have Patrick at 15 months old eating shrimp..tail on...lol..
He still loves shrimp to this day..
I tried putting it on my computer so I could post it to face book..I can't figure out how to do it..I AM NOT computer savy..lol..   
Maybe I'll have Jeremy look at it..he can probably do it with out any problem..

Ugh...it's only 6:45pm and I wish I could go to sleep..Ha-Ha..I would be up at 4:00am again..
Maybe I'll go take a shower and that will wake me up a bit..

That's it for news..Nothing too exciting happens in my neck of the woods...lol..God, I need a life..
Enjoy your week:)           

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Linda :) said...

It's supposed to be raining here today but I don't see any yet... I would love a good thunder storm...
Yay!! for the new job!! :)