Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's cold out!!! Right now it's 14 know it could be worse and will be before winter is over..but I'm sure not liking this very much..The good thing is that we have (knock on wood) not had a lot of snow...

I woke up at 5:30 this morning..decided to head to Walmart to see what they had left in the Christmas department..I was really thinking about getting a small tree..Maybe even a table top style.
It's just getting to be such a chore to put up a large tree..I'm going to go through all of my decorations and only keep the things that I REALLY's always a hard one because it seems like everything has such meaning to me:) 
I don't put out all of the stuff anymore so I need to let it go. I'm going to give it to my daughter and then as the kids get there own places, they will have something to start out with..

Work went well this week..After work yesterday I then went to do the house that I clean..I was tuckered out after I'm still grateful that she kept me on..

Today I'm going to try "again" to transfer the VHS tapes to DVD..The instructions are horrible. I thought it would give step by step instructions..NO..figure it out as you
I spent an hour last time with no results, but I think I figured out that I pushed the wrong button...

Spell check on here is driving me crazy..The word is spelled correctly, but the it will underline HALF of the line..Makes no sense..

I bought chicken and hamburger this morning..I'm going to make a pot of chili and  chicken stir fry...that will keep us going for a few days..

Well, guess I better get moving here before I decide that I need a

Have a great week-end!!         


Lucy said...

Sounds like you have had a nice Christmas and ready ro get back in the swing of things,

Linda :) said...

Loving the purple... hope you had a good weekend and had a nap... our DVD player copies VHS but we haven't not even checked it out.... let us know your results... :)