Saturday, January 26, 2013

We've made it thru the cold
Today we were up in the 20''s sad when "that" is exciting..
 Tomorrow it is supposed to start snowing in the morning and by afternoon it is turning to freezing rain..ugh..I am not looking forward to that..
I don't think it's supposed to last into Monday morning. I sure hope not. 

Last night I picked up Cameron and Destiny..They are spending tonight with me also..they love getting to stay for two

We haven't done too much..but they don't care, they just like being here. 
I did give Destiny a jewelry box that I had with a few pieces of jewelry..she has proven that she does take care of her things so I don't mind giving her things that are a little nicer than kids jewelry...

I dropped my laptop last night..oh my gosh, I almost had a heart attack..I broke the prong off of the battery charger..and my computer won't work without it..
I had to go to Best Buy today and buy a new one..$50.00..I sure didn't need that expense while trying to adjust to this new pay schedule..but I sure don't have much else that I do so I got it..
It comes with 7 different plug find the one with the letter that corresponds with the one that goes with your computer..OK..
I was looking for one that had a P on it..Nope, not there..BUT there were two that had A's on them..So, back to the store we go.
They were wonderful. I went and got a different package and opened it there in case the one I needed was missing..It wasn't..
So, I'm back in

We went to the dollar store so the kids could get a couple of things..Then came home and they made Valentines for their parents...They used the rubber stamp set that my grandmother had at the farm and I used when I was their age..It was nice to see them use it too:)

 Cameron using Jeremy's guitar..
      Destiny making a necklace..Yes, that container is ALL beads...

We had a nice dinner of pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans and watermellon jello for was all yummy...

The have only had about 3 minutes of slight arguing..(about tv)..I told them to figure it out because I didn't want to hear it..and if it continued, I would think twice about having them over at the same time and then it would take longer for them to come and visit if they came over one at a time..No kidding, they stopped arguing and haven't done it since..

Well, I guess that's it for today..Hope your week-end is going as well as mine...
For all of my struggles, I am Blessed!!             


Hollie said...

I would love a snow day when I could be off to enjoy it! So glad the laptop wasn't hurt worse!! LOL about the kiddos!!

Linda :) said...

Sorry about dropping the laptop... glad you were able to fix it with an easy fix, Best Buy is always my go to for the easy fixes...
Wow look at all those beads... can I play too... :)