Saturday, February 23, 2013

I am feeling better...yay...I have been lucky enough not to relapse after stopping the meds early..
 Work went felt good to be back and moving would have thought...

I got out and about today for a little bit and that felt good..It is just too darned easy to fall into the work and home routine..
I went for breakfast with my grandson Mason's other grandma..the one that he and his parents are now living with. Mason is doing wonderful at his new school..he actually likes it..which means a lot. Until this move, he hated school..and was always in trouble with the teacher and then at home..It has been a dramatic change for him.
I did see him and his mom (my stepdaughter) for a few minutes when I took Chris home. I wasn't sure how my stepdaughter would be with me since I am no longer talking to her sister or allowed to see my other grandkids..She seemed fine with me..So, we'll see how things turn out there:)

After dropping Chris off, I went to Walmart and picked up some soil so I could replant a few of my plants..I tend to have a problem with the soil getting too hard..It's almost like I repotted 4 of them. I hope it helps..I also put some rocks from the dollar store in the bottom of the pots. I hope that helps with the drainage..

I did my laundry today..Yay..Now I'm all set for work next week..

I'm not going to do much more today:)  The week-end goes so darned fast and before you know it, it is time to get into the weekly

Guess I'll close for now..I hear a bubble bath calling my name:)
Enjoy your week-end!!       

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lol...I can't believe that my last post started with...I'm feeling better.....

That is not how it turned out..I have been down for the count since last week..I missed work on Wed. Thurs. Friday and AGAIN on Monday...Of course, I don't get paid for those days and am not looking forward to my paycheck..

I have spent the last week moving from my bed to the couch..and then back to the has been so horrible I can't even begin to say..

Finally Sunday, I decided that I needed to go to the doctor so I could let them know at work what was going on..
I went to one of those walk in clinics right by my house.
The doctor said I have bronchitis...he prescribed cough syrup and an antibiotic...
I started both as soon as I got home..

Yesterday, I noticed that I was getting I read the information sheets with the meds..Omg..I can't believe the side affects from cough of which was I stopped taking it..
Last night I was going over the sheet from the antibiotics..I swear the side affects are sometimes worse than the illness..It stated that if you have ringing in your ears, you should call your doctor immediately...So, I call the clinic when I got home from work..The doctor that saw me is only contracted to be there on the week-end..and therefore they can't do anything..I told her that it took EVERY cent I have except $1.22... to see  the doctor on Sunday and pay for my meds..I DONT have any more until I get paid..Well, she couldn't give me any medical advice because I'm not a regular patient at that clinic...and I would need to come in to see if the ringing in the ears is from the meds...Well, dumb ass, I didn't have it BEFORE I came in, so I  can assume that it's from the meds...
I can't even tell you how mad I am...I told her that I would just stop taking the meds...

I really don't have any other choice.. I know I could talk to my sister in law and she would cover it until I got my taxes back. but I don't want to do that...I already owe her 250.00 that she so generously sent me when she knew I was having a hard time with the job changes..She does my taxes and isn't worried about getting her money
I'll get it figured out..and if I have to be seen again, I'll pay to go to the clinic that I had been with for years before I lost my insurance.

Oh, it has been a horrible week..I am glad I was able to make it back to work was a long day..but they couldn't have been more understanding..and a few told me how nice it was to have me back:)
The receptionist was also out..same thing..she was out a day before I blame her for making me

Well, that's all the news in my neck of the woods...I'm getting tired and need to lay's only 6:52pm and I'm ready for bed. lol.....

Hope this finds everyone well!!!            

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm feeling a little better..I did talk to my boss and she wants me to take an extra day off..I really think I might be well enough to go to work tomorrow but I would feel horrible if one of the residents got this..They aren't able to get over upper respiratory colds as well as I, although it won't help my paycheck, I will be off one more day...

It would be wonderful if I could get my taxes done within the next week..that would help offset things a bit..
I have everything that I need except for the rent certificate..They sent it to me last week..only one problem..they put the wrong address on it and spelled my first name I had to send it back to them.. I am hoping that I receive it    by tomorrow..

A week ago Monday, I received a few text messages from my step-daughter stating that she didn't appreciate the drama starting up again..and implying that I wouldn't be seeing the kids anymore..ugh..I was at my new job and there was a guy there training me..I certainly couldn't spend my time on the phone..
I sent her a message when I got home saying that it would be nice to know what is going on...She didn't reply..the next morning I sent her a text stating that all I had ever done was to love her kids...
She didn't answer that one either..
The next night I got a text saying that we needed to talk..and she would call me the next day..she never did..
She finally sent me a long private face book message complaining about the argument that she and my daughter had gotten into four months ago...she said that she felt I had the same opinion of her and her family. and that she didn't appreciate us talking about her and her family...

Well, I made the decision that as much as I LOVE Cameron and Destiny (never really getting to know Laylana), I could not and would not let her hold the kids over my head..She can figure out what she is going to tell them about why I am no longer in their lives..She does not know the damage she is causing these kids..
I also stopped talking to my friend Lisa because she and her husband have stayed in contact with my ex and I don't believe that she does not let him know what is going on in my life..even though I have asked her not to mention me to him...

The kids are always the ones that pay the price and as far as I'm concerned she should be ashamed of herself...

Now that I have tuckered myself out, I think I will try to sleep for a bit:) 

I am home sick today..Flu like symptoms with a horrible cough and congestion in my chest..This started yesterday and I made it through the day at work..Today I have no energy..and to be honest, I didn't think driving was a good idea..
I don't get sick often but when I do, it's full force..I really didn't want to call in sick...but aside from feeling like crap, I don't want to pass this along to anyone else..
I did get some good sleep this morning...sitting up on my
I just ate two small oranges..I think they're called cuties..They were on sale..that's the only time I will by them. I think they are overpriced..

lol..I have run out of energy..I think I'll try sleeping again.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Since last night, I've worked on and off on paper work..ugh..not my favorite thing to do for sure..
I've organized my file cabinet and gotten rid of a TON of papers that I didn't need to hang onto any longer...

It is freezing here..My apartment is even cold..and that is unusual. 
Most of the time it is almost too warm, so when it's cold in here, I know it's COLD
 But I can't complain..I don't have a heat bill..

I've run out of steam..and I need to do a few more things..Take the plastic bins that I emptied downstairs, take the shredded papers out to the recycle bin and do some laundry..
I'll probably get everything done except the laundry. I'm not in the mood to be running up and down the
Tomorrow my daughter is going to take me to lunch..Then we are going to go to Good Will.. I desperately need to buy some pants for work..I figured GW would be a good place to look..I don't want to spend much on them because it doesn't take long for them to look kind of grungy..

The have us wearing white polo shirts..WHY would they put their cleaners in white, I'll never figure out..I just started and my shirt is already looking pretty sad..
I'm going to suggest that they THINK about a different color for us..

I started my new part time job on Thursday..It wasn't too bad..I think I can handle it..Of course, because I didn't really need to be trained to clean, we got done early..then the guy that was training me said we had to stay there for the full 4 hours..uh, NO..I'm not sitting around if the job is done..If they can't trust their employees to do the job right even if it takes a shorter time to do it, then we may have a am not going to rush thru the job, I need the money.  But I'm not going to sit around if the job is done..So, we'll see what happens on Monday..My manager is supposed to stop at the job to see how it's going...

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl..I'm not sure I'll even watch it..It is just not the same without my Green Bay Packers playing...

The week-end goes so fast..I'm hoping that I get all of the things done around here so that I can relax on the week-end..That is a wonderful goal...

I finally got all of my w-2' I scanned them and sent them to my sister in law to do my taxes..I know I'll get something back..I just hope I get enough to have a little extra for fun stuff and not just bills...
I would love to get enough back to be able to go to Virginia in March when my grandson graduates...Especially since we don't know where they will be sending him next...Some of the boys he was in boot camp with are being sent to Japan for 2 years..
I can't imagine not being able to see him if he was going to be that far away or for that long...

Well, time for me to get back into cleaning
Have a wonderful Sunday:)