Saturday, February 23, 2013

I am feeling better...yay...I have been lucky enough not to relapse after stopping the meds early..
 Work went felt good to be back and moving would have thought...

I got out and about today for a little bit and that felt good..It is just too darned easy to fall into the work and home routine..
I went for breakfast with my grandson Mason's other grandma..the one that he and his parents are now living with. Mason is doing wonderful at his new school..he actually likes it..which means a lot. Until this move, he hated school..and was always in trouble with the teacher and then at home..It has been a dramatic change for him.
I did see him and his mom (my stepdaughter) for a few minutes when I took Chris home. I wasn't sure how my stepdaughter would be with me since I am no longer talking to her sister or allowed to see my other grandkids..She seemed fine with me..So, we'll see how things turn out there:)

After dropping Chris off, I went to Walmart and picked up some soil so I could replant a few of my plants..I tend to have a problem with the soil getting too hard..It's almost like I repotted 4 of them. I hope it helps..I also put some rocks from the dollar store in the bottom of the pots. I hope that helps with the drainage..

I did my laundry today..Yay..Now I'm all set for work next week..

I'm not going to do much more today:)  The week-end goes so darned fast and before you know it, it is time to get into the weekly

Guess I'll close for now..I hear a bubble bath calling my name:)
Enjoy your week-end!!       

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