Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I am home sick today..Flu like symptoms with a horrible cough and congestion in my chest..This started yesterday and I made it through the day at work..Today I have no energy..and to be honest, I didn't think driving was a good idea..
I don't get sick often but when I do, it's full force..I really didn't want to call in sick...but aside from feeling like crap, I don't want to pass this along to anyone else..
I did get some good sleep this morning...sitting up on my
I just ate two small oranges..I think they're called cuties..They were on sale..that's the only time I will by them. I think they are overpriced..

lol..I have run out of energy..I think I'll try sleeping again.  


Lucy said...

That is the worse about coughing. The only way I get relief is to pile pillows under my head or sit in my recliner.

Linda :) said...

Hope you are feeling better now...
I had a cold about a week ago but better now and hubby had a tummy thing over the weekend but he is better now too... :)