Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Last night my daughter and I traveled an hour and a half away from home for a baby shower for my nephews wife..
Actually it was a co-ed shower..I'm not a big fan of those to begin with..I know I have problems with having it be co-ed just changes the whole feel of the shower...

My sister-in-law paid to have it at a restaurant..they had a pizza buffet..She paid $9.00 a plate..and literally, all you got was pizza.
 I really did think that they would have "something to go with it"..
They did have cupcakes for dessert..No cute "baby" cake..

They didn't have any silly games or baby decorations...

Some of the guys brought their guitars and mics..Hummmm...Don't get me wrong, I like to listen to music..I like my nephews music..BUT, I was really hoping for this to be a "baby" shower..Not just an open mic get together..

AND to top it off...She didn't open the that really irked me..I wanted to see all of the cute little girl items..and she her joy in opening the gifts..

I guess my age is

I had to take my car in yesterday morning..It was making a front end noise...When I got there and explained the problem to the guy, he said, oh, there was a recall about that..It was the sway bar brackets that had to be replaced..It only took them an hour to fix it..thank goodness..

Now today, I'm trying to get the house cleaned and I did two loads of laundry..
When I'm done with this entry, I'm going to get on Craigs list and see if I can find a different part time job..the one I have been doing is just too much floor mopping..Kills my back..Also, I'm not impressed with the people that work for the company..
I know I will be able to find something:)

Starting Monday, I will have my health, dental and vision insurance..I can't even begin to tell you how happy that makes me..I can't wait to get that didn't come from the dollar

Happy Easter!!         

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We had a high of 44 below the average, but it was a welcome change from the cold we have been having..It also reminds me that SPRING really is on it's

Not too much new around there ever?? I go to work and I come
Last week-end I did take my granddaughter shopping..We drove about 45 minutes from home to a place that has strip malls with outlet stores..We had a nice time..I found a nice coach purse that was on sale. Monique got a pair of shorts and a cute pair of shoes..

On the way home we stopped a Qdoba for a bite to eat..Love their food..

I spent time going thru more closets and getting rid of things that I haven't worn for ages. I have a terrible habit of keeping things..You know, Just in

I just don't like the drives me crazy..

This Saturday my daughter and I have a baby shower to go to..It's an hour away and doesn't start until 5:30pm..I think that's crazy. Especially the day before Easter. We do not plan on staying long. Shannon has to work that night so we will need to be back so she can get a couple of hours of sleep..

My daughter and I are throwing around the idea of moving to Tennessee in a couple of years..Originally she wanted to move to Arizona..but the job market does not look good for her..then we thought about Vegas..
I had always thought going south would be good...but she wasn't liking that too much..
UNTIL she went to Tennessee last month and it was also knows people down there...So, we are giving it some thought. I was in Tennessee some years back and really liked it. I do want to make a couple of trips down there to check it out..but it is in the'm just getting tired of the cold and the snow especially..

Well, it's almost 9pm and I'm running out of steam so I will close for now..
Hope everyone has an awesome Thursday:)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To all that have not been able to leave a comment..(All three of you) I'm glad that I have you:)

I think I have figured it out..give it a try..., two, three..... 

Friday, March 8, 2013

I have had a very long day..but it was well worth it....

I went with my daughter and grandson Paris to pick Patrick up at the airport...

He is so darned handsome..I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished in his young life.
He graduated today..Marine Air-Ground Task Force Intelligence Specialist entry level course..Pretty darned good for only being 18 years old...

We went out for dinner together and now I'm home and he is off with

He brought all of us a t-shirt from his school...mine is a little small but I think it was sweet of him to think of us;)

 Mommy and her son..
 Showing us his certificate..
 Apollo was very happy to see his big brother again:)
      Getting off the plane:)

Now this happy grandma is going to relax for a few minutes and then go to
Have a great week-end!!
Going to the airport today after work to pick up my grandson:)

He finished his MOS schooling...He is an intelligence specialist.. He gets to come home for a week before he goes off to North Carolina...
I am so excited to see him...He has made us so proud..
Lol..I know we won't see a lot of him because he will want to spend time with his that's okay..
We are going to take him out for dinner so I look forward to that..

AND it's FRIDAY!! Yay..I look forward to some down time..
I hope everyone enjoys their week-end..We're supposed to get in the  40's...So looking forward to that..even if we are getting rain with least it isn't SNOW...

Happy Week-end!!      

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday to my sweet Cameron!!
May all of your wishes and dreams come true..I miss  you always and love you forever!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I have been VERY busy this week-end...

I decided to clean out my storage locker..I  was only going to sort thru all of my Christmas bins..I have decided that since I don't use all of the items anymore, I didn't need to keep everything..It makes getting ready for Christmas such a chore, because each year I have to go thru all of the bins to decide which items I want to put out..Now I know what I have down there is what I will be using.. 

Once I got started I couldn't stop at the Christmas was a lot of work but well worth it in the long run..I got rid of things I haven't used in forever..all of that "just in case"

I now have 7 bins and a box that need to go to my daughters house. We will be having a rummage sale this one thing I said I wouldn't do again..But, I need to do something with this stuff and I feel like it's just too much to take to Good Will...If I make a few bucks the time will be worth it..

I also went thru some of my jackets and am getting rid of the ones I don't wear anymore..I figure by the time summer gets here I will have a lot have a ton of tops that I just do not wear...

I have been feeling a little bit lonely lately...I was so sick that I didn't want to be around anyone and make them sick..and now that I'm not seeing Cameron and Destiny, I feel lost...
My older grandkids are always busy doing their own thing so I don't see them often..

Camerons birthday is March 6th and I'm feeling sad knowing that I won't be celebrating it with him..
His mom made the decision to stop our relationship and I don't think she even has a clue as to the damage that it will do..
I don't want him or Destiny to feel like I have abandoned them..I have always made a big deal of their birthdays and I know he will feel that will Destiny when her birthday comes in June..

I had thought of sending a card and a monetary gift...BUT...I don't have her address...and the more I thought about it, I wouldn't even know if she would give it to him..and even worse, that she would take the money and use it herself...Sad but true..she would do something like that...
So, I made the decision that no matter how hard it is for me, I would not send anything..
I guess I kind of feel like, if she isn't going to let me have a relationship with the kids then why should I send anything..Believe me, it's very hard to think of letting their birthdays go by without trying to acknowledge it..

I am so torn between being so sad at the thought of not seeing them and being so pissed at their mom...How dare she do this..
 As always, the children suffer the sins of their parents....

I better stop is one subject that I could go on and on about...
I miss my babies:(