Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Last night my daughter and I traveled an hour and a half away from home for a baby shower for my nephews wife..
Actually it was a co-ed shower..I'm not a big fan of those to begin with..I know I have problems with having it be co-ed just changes the whole feel of the shower...

My sister-in-law paid to have it at a restaurant..they had a pizza buffet..She paid $9.00 a plate..and literally, all you got was pizza.
 I really did think that they would have "something to go with it"..
They did have cupcakes for dessert..No cute "baby" cake..

They didn't have any silly games or baby decorations...

Some of the guys brought their guitars and mics..Hummmm...Don't get me wrong, I like to listen to music..I like my nephews music..BUT, I was really hoping for this to be a "baby" shower..Not just an open mic get together..

AND to top it off...She didn't open the that really irked me..I wanted to see all of the cute little girl items..and she her joy in opening the gifts..

I guess my age is

I had to take my car in yesterday morning..It was making a front end noise...When I got there and explained the problem to the guy, he said, oh, there was a recall about that..It was the sway bar brackets that had to be replaced..It only took them an hour to fix it..thank goodness..

Now today, I'm trying to get the house cleaned and I did two loads of laundry..
When I'm done with this entry, I'm going to get on Craigs list and see if I can find a different part time job..the one I have been doing is just too much floor mopping..Kills my back..Also, I'm not impressed with the people that work for the company..
I know I will be able to find something:)

Starting Monday, I will have my health, dental and vision insurance..I can't even begin to tell you how happy that makes me..I can't wait to get that didn't come from the dollar

Happy Easter!!         

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