Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We had a high of 44 below the average, but it was a welcome change from the cold we have been having..It also reminds me that SPRING really is on it's

Not too much new around there ever?? I go to work and I come
Last week-end I did take my granddaughter shopping..We drove about 45 minutes from home to a place that has strip malls with outlet stores..We had a nice time..I found a nice coach purse that was on sale. Monique got a pair of shorts and a cute pair of shoes..

On the way home we stopped a Qdoba for a bite to eat..Love their food..

I spent time going thru more closets and getting rid of things that I haven't worn for ages. I have a terrible habit of keeping things..You know, Just in

I just don't like the drives me crazy..

This Saturday my daughter and I have a baby shower to go to..It's an hour away and doesn't start until 5:30pm..I think that's crazy. Especially the day before Easter. We do not plan on staying long. Shannon has to work that night so we will need to be back so she can get a couple of hours of sleep..

My daughter and I are throwing around the idea of moving to Tennessee in a couple of years..Originally she wanted to move to Arizona..but the job market does not look good for her..then we thought about Vegas..
I had always thought going south would be good...but she wasn't liking that too much..
UNTIL she went to Tennessee last month and it was also knows people down there...So, we are giving it some thought. I was in Tennessee some years back and really liked it. I do want to make a couple of trips down there to check it out..but it is in the'm just getting tired of the cold and the snow especially..

Well, it's almost 9pm and I'm running out of steam so I will close for now..
Hope everyone has an awesome Thursday:)

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