Saturday, April 27, 2013

I always seem to put off  getting a post I'm busy reading

I wish I could go on vacation somewhere warm with miles of sand.
Oh, to dream:)

It's warmer here today..63..but still feels a little chilly because of the breeze..Although I'll take this over the rainy cold or the snow for

As of yesterday I have taken on an extra job..It's with my regular job, but in a different capacity..I am on call from Friday night at 8:00pm to Sunday at 8:00pm..
If they have any maintenance issues they will call I know that I'm not very well versed in the maintenance department but they don't usually have too many issues..and if it's something I can't handle then I will call Larry ( our maintenance guy)..
Larry is on call 24/7 and he is getting burned out..He never has any time for himself or told him that I could relate and that was the reason for my leaving my last job..
Now he will get every other week-end off:)

Hopefully it will help both of us..

Next week-end I'm going to have the 3 younger kids over so we can celebrate baby Laylanas' first birthday..I'm going to make her a pink cake..and I picked up some streamers..and princess plates at the dollar store..Can't wait. I will definitely take pictures:)

I picked up 3 solar lights from Walmart today..I'm going to put them between the bushes in front of my window to brighten things up at night..I hope they work..

I need to get out my sewing machine and see if I can figure out how to work want to make some baby burp clothes and maybe some receiving blankets..I'm making them for "future" great right? Well, I figure you never know what the future is and I want them to have something that was made just for them..
On that note, I am ending this post so I can get off of my butt and get that sewing machine

Have a great week-end...           


Hollie said...

I hope the new job helps you both out!! The birthday party will be great fun! Can't wait to see those pictures!! Enjoy the sewing projects as it sounds like a great idea to me!! Never hurts to be prepared!!

Linda :) said...

I'm better at writing but always put off reading blogs as I can't get to them all so that won't be fair to everyone... lol...
Oh yes, let's go to the beach right now...
That new job sounds really good...
continuing on to see the pictures your promised... :)