Sunday, April 28, 2013

I thought it was going to be a much nicer day today..Right now it's 52 degrees, which is a good thing..but it is a dreary day..No sunshine:(

I never got around to getting my sewing machine out yesterday..
I did get a lot accomplished though.. I have vertical blinds on all of my windows..For some reason, I couldn't get them off the track to clean I got out the step stool and cleaned them hanging..
I also took down the sheers and top panel and washed them..
So far today, I've done two loads of laundry and hung up the sheers..Still have to do the top panel..
I have lost all think I got up to early..

Jeremy went to a couple of the restaurants that are within walking distance and re-applied for cook or dishwasher positions..One place said they might be needing someone part time soon..that would be awesome for him..
He also stopped by his grandpa's shop to say hi..His dad was there.
He told him that a friend of his was going to be opening one of the restaurants that has been closed for a year or so..and that he would talk to him about keeping Jeremy in mind for work..
I hope something comes thru for him..He needs to be out in the work world..
I still think he needs to go back to school for something..Even with his disability he has to be able to live on his own at some point..I also need to get him driving this summer..

He is my work in

Well, time to get my windows finished...
Hope everyone has a great day!!           


Lucy said...

Did you visit the link someone left you the other day? I did and sure enough my stuff was there. You were ambitious.

Linda :) said...

Come clean my blinds too... ours usually break at some point and then I can buy a nice new clean one... lol...
Hubby and all the boys are my works in progress... :)