Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Sunday evening and I am tuckered out..

Yesterday my grandson Paris and I made a trip up to the Dells..and then we went past my grandmas' farm..The people there saw us on the road taking one of them got in there car..I thought they were going to come and see what we were doing but they just moved it to a different spot in the yard..I took one more picture and then we got out of there..
The house is sooooo bad I don't even know how it is still standing..and yet, these people drive brand new cars.. Unbelievable....

I'll try to post some pictures..

We went to Parker lake where we had placed some of my Moms ashes..then we went to the cemetery..

We took down the old flowers. Before Memorial Day, we will go back up there with the new flowers..

We went back to the Dells and walked around for a bit before heading over to the hotel..
I have to say, I was not impressed with the hotel. It was a travelodge..    We just hung out for the night. I  did go swimming for a little bit and then got in my jammies, played on the computer a bit and was sleeping before

I think we got back home about 1:30..I took a shower, got in my jammies and haven't really done much since..(I did empty out my suitcase and put everything away..Yay

Work has been going well...I'm actually helping the maintenance guy with the cleaning of the air conditioners in the other building. When I get my own stuff done of helps break up my day..

Guess that's it for news..Believe me, I don't do

 My grandmas' farm..
 Paris - We always go to the school in the town where my Mom grew up..
 Yes, I go on the swings
     Paris happy to finally be at our hotel:)

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Lucy said...

sounds like you had fun and kept very busy.