Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just wanted to post the pictures that I talked about in the last post:)

Across the street from Lake Michigan it is hilly..There are different kinds of trails..You walk which ever way you want to and can come out in many different areas..
It was really a great experience...
These pictures were all taken with my cell phone and I am amazed at how well they turned out:)

 There are steps all the way up to the building...we ran down them and then back up:)
 Looking out at Lake Michigan...

 Awesome picture if you like to look at my finger..lol..

Well, I did it...I told my boss and the maintenance guy (Larry) that I am not going to be on call every other week-end...
Trying to help out last week while Larry was gone and then being restricted on what I could do this week-end really sealed the deal..

The more I thought about it, I realized that I was doing the same thing that I did with my last employer...TOO much...lol..
I don't get paid enough to put so much of myself into helping them.

I'm going to concentrate on keeping my area's in prime shape...
Without trying to rush around so I can give Larry a hand with things..I'm sure he gets paid a whole lot more than I do..
I'll be able to work at a slower pace and I think that's what I need..

I will have to look for some part time work..Maybe two nights a week..It would be great if I could find another house cleaning job..I make more doing that in two hours than I was getting for being on call all week-end and being restricted on what I could do..

I think I'll put an ad on Craigs list and see if I can find someone that doesn't mind the cleaner coming on Saturdays..That way, I would still be able to get one of the little grandkids..

Lol..I can't remember if I posted pictures that I took when my daughter and I took a hike Saturday..I don't think I did..I think they're only on face book..I'll have to download them so I can post them here..some of them are sooooo nice..I can't believe that we have such a great area here in my area that I didn't even know about...I'll post them tomorrow:)

Hope you all have a great week..Yay, it's a short one:)

Monday, May 27, 2013

 Oxford Parade
My daughter Shannon and granddaughter Monique

Oh, it's been a long day:)

My daughter worked all night then when home and picked up the kids and came by me..
Then we drove two hours to Oxford..We made it in time for the parade..which lasted about ten minutes...really, ten minutes..lol..

Then we went to the cemetery where they held a Memorial..It was really nice..I always seem to get emotional when they do the 7 gun salute and play taps...
After that was over we placed our flowers...

Next we headed over to the Dells and had a bite to eat at Applebees...
We had our coupon booklets with us for free activities but the weather wasn't very nice and we were all running out of steam by then..
We did only one of the activities..It's called "Top Secret"...It's a building that looks like the white house that has been damaged..It's kind of lopsided..You go in and everything is upside down..the furniture is on the ceiling and such..there is a tour guide and she does all kinds of silly stuff...Anyway, we made our way thru that and then made the two hour drive home..

The good thing is that we got home early..by about 4:15..so that gives us some time to relax before we have to get in work mode..earlier for my daughter..she has to be to work at 11 tonight..lol...

Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant Memorial Day!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

This is the book that has my Great Aunts recipes in it..
I am so looking forward to making her cake..I want to make sure and make it when I have time to make sure I can share it with Paris..(and everyone else..lol)

I am on call this week-end..I wish I wasn't...I think we would  try to spend the night up in the Dells..
Now we will be making a one day trip up there on Memorial Day..
They have a parade that ends at the cemetery..so it will work out for us to place our flowers..
Also, the woman that is in charge of the cemetery should be there and she can finally show us where our plots will be..My daughter and I are making payments on crematory plots..
We think we know where they are, but not 100% sure..

Then we are going to head over to the Dells for a few hours..We can take advantage of our free tickets...Yay...

My daughter gets off work at 7:00am and we are leaving right after..Then she has to work again at 11:00pm..so she is quite the trooper to head out of town for the day:)

Paris, Monique and her boyfriend Brian are going along also..so it should be a good day...

I am glad that last week is over..the maintenance guy (Larry) has been on vacation and I have been trying to help out with some of the issues that have come up...ugh..I have realized that I don't get paid enough to do all of that...
Also, learning recently that I am only looking a t 2% raise in January is not helping my outlook...What the He!!...20 cents an hour more for all I do over and above my regular job..No, I'm not doing it any more..
We don't get paid enough for our regular cleaning...and to make matters worse, I think they are putting in new cabinets and counter tops in the reception area..What?? I think the money would be better used to pay us better wages..At least it would show that we are appreciated...So, I'm going to scale back on the extras that I do..

I was up early this morning and did a walmart run...Yay for me...
I like to get there before it gets too darned crowded..I put away the things that go in the fridge, now I have to get the rest put away..
I bought two chickens that were on sale for $3.47 a piece..I'm going to make both of them today and some brats..that way, we have some things ready for my lunches and quick dinners...

Well, I guess that's it for now..I'm going to go out and put out my flags:)

Safe travels to all that will be on the roads for Memorial Day!!!!  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Here are the pictures from our kayaking trip:)
 This is me:)
 My daughter Shannon:)
 Me again...
 And Shannon:)

Such a fun day!!!
 Woo hooo..had a nice week-end....

Saturday morning we sat out for two hours for  our Dells tickets..
Lots of fun free stuff to do..and some things that we will only have to pay $3.00 to do..that's a good deal..
There were actually a few people that gave a thumbs down to what we received..VERY ungrateful...
We also received a ticket for SummerFest..That's a $15.00 ticket..That alone would have been worth sitting for:)

On Sunday, my daughter and I went on a short road trip..to Montello..That's a little town about two hours from me..My Great Aunt and Uncle lived there...I have so many good memories of going to visit them..
I have a quilt that she made which I will hand down to my grandson Paris...he seems to be the only one that has an interest in the family history...
Any way...
I took pictures of the house that they lived in..It is right on the Montello river..right before it goes into the Fox river...

As we were leaving town, my daughter noticed a sign that advertized canoeing and kayaking...we went to the door and they had a closed sign up..as we were walking away the guy came out and said that they were open for river rides...Well, my daughter and I have talked about going kayaking soooooo....WE DID IT...lol...

 It took us about an hour and 15 minutes...and yes, we had moments of thinking "what have we gotten ourselves into"...lol...at the end of the run you get out at a landing by a bar...we went in and had a bite to eat and called the guy to come and pick us up...

It was a lot of fun..but we are not used to that physical type of work so we can feel it today...lol...

On another note about my Aunt Gusty...I had been looking online to see if I could find anything on her..Well, I did..It seems that she has two recipes in a book called "The Flavors of Wisconsin"...Chocolate Cookie cake  and Easy Chocolate Frosting...
I ordered the book and should receive it by Wednesday...I am so excited to have a bit of her history...
It's funny because just the week before I had been telling Paris what a great cook Aunt Gusty was...

on that note, I'm going to post a picture or two and get in the shower...
Just realized that I can't post the pictures until I get them off of face book and downloaded to my computer..Maybe tomorrow...lol....

Friday, May 17, 2013

Another Friday....Yay....
I got to spend it going to the laundry mat with my son...For some reason, he wasn't taking the time to wash all of his sheets..I think he had three sets of sheets plus his clothes..
It would have taken too long to get it done here at home..so, we loaded up the car and off we went..
We got the wash going and then made a quick run to the store..dropped that stuff off at home and then back to finish the laundry...
Now it's 8:20 and I'm done for the night..He is getting his clothes folded..
I also let him know that he needs to wash his sheets as soon as he takes them off his bed..lol..we'll see how that goes..He's pretty good about listening so it  shouldn't be too hard for him to follow through...(I hope)..lol..

One of our residents at work passed away..She went to the hospital last Friday..I'm not sure when she passed..we just heard about it today..
I feel so bad..she is one of the residents that I just love..Her name is Ellie and I was the one to clean her room so I feel closer to her than some of the others..She was just the sweetest little thing..
Rest in peace Ellie!! I'll miss you!!
 The good thing is that her son had just been here from California for two weeks..and he spent a lot of time with her:) I'm so happy she got to see him and I know he will be forever grateful that he got to spend that time with his mom...

Tomorrow morning I am meeting my daughter and the kids to sit in line for Wisconsin Dells tickets..It's gotten to be a yearly tradition..lol.We really do look forward to it..I don't know how much time we will get to be in the Dells..my daughter seems to have most of her vacation time set for Tennessee..lol..
So far, she and her boyfriend are doing okay with the long distance relationship..lol..
I am trying to figure out when I can get down there too...One of the things I want to do while there is go to Graceland..I have never been there and have always wanted to go..

I guess that's it for news from my corner of the world..
I hope everyone has a wonderful week-end... 



Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable day...Mine was very nice.

My sister-in-law came down last Tuesday for the birth of her granddaughter...Then on Friday she came over by me..We went out to dinner with my daughter and granddaughter..
Saturday we spent a few hours in Milwaukee going past houses that we had lived in, schools we had gone to and then the cemetery..
Then we went to my daughters house..Linda wanted to meet my grand puppy...and meet him she did..lol..He is so darned big but he thinks he is a lap dog..Now I have to say, we don't normally let him jump on people or get on the couch..but Linda loves dogs so much that we let Apollo greet her "his" way..it was hilarious...I don't have the pictures on my computer yet..but when i do, I'll post some.
We  then went out for lunch with my daughter..right as we were getting done, I got a call from work about a toilet that was leaking at the base...so we headed over that way..I checked it out..put some silicone around the base and said we would check it on Monday..lol....

We dropped my daughter off at her house and headed home..We chatted until 11:30pm and then hit the sack..
I was up at 6am this morning and at 7 started my laundry. About 11 we went out for breakfast..my daughter met up with us there.. She paid for our breakfast:) 

We came back to my place to pick up Linda's car and then I followed her over to her sons house so I could see the baby..Oh gosh, she is a tiny little thing..she has black hair..it was so nice to cuddle a little one:)

When I left there I decided that since I was so close to where I work that I would stop off and check on the toilet..lol..I had been worried about it of course..it was fine...thank goodness..

I had only been home for a short while and my daughter called saying she wanted to take me to Red Lobster for dinner..Yummy..
We should have known better..lol..I met her  there and there was a 1 1/2 hour wait..we decided to head down the street a bit and go to Apple Bee's..I had a small steak..they have small shooter desserts..We had hot fudge sundaes...I didn't think I would be able to move off of my stool I was so full..lol..

So, all in all, it was a nice day:)

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom in Heaven!!
I love you always and forever in my heart!!