Monday, May 27, 2013

 Oxford Parade
My daughter Shannon and granddaughter Monique

Oh, it's been a long day:)

My daughter worked all night then when home and picked up the kids and came by me..
Then we drove two hours to Oxford..We made it in time for the parade..which lasted about ten minutes...really, ten

Then we went to the cemetery where they held a Memorial..It was really nice..I always seem to get emotional when they do the 7 gun salute and play taps...
After that was over we placed our flowers...

Next we headed over to the Dells and had a bite to eat at Applebees...
We had our coupon booklets with us for free activities but the weather wasn't very nice and we were all running out of steam by then..
We did only one of the activities..It's called "Top Secret"...It's a building that looks like the white house that has been damaged..It's kind of lopsided..You go in and everything is upside down..the furniture is on the ceiling and such..there is a tour guide and she does all kinds of silly stuff...Anyway, we made our way thru that and then made the two hour drive home..

The good thing is that we got home about that gives us some time to relax before we have to get in work mode..earlier for my daughter..she has to be to work at 11

Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant Memorial Day!!


Linda :) said...

Your daughter will be feeling it at work tonight or at least tomorrow... but glad you were out and about for the day... glad you shared some pictures of your adventure... Enjoy your quiet evening... :)

Lucy said...

That looks like small town parade. Those are the best. Glad you 2 had a good day. I guess that should make it three.