Saturday, May 25, 2013

This is the book that has my Great Aunts recipes in it..
I am so looking forward to making her cake..I want to make sure and make it when I have time to make sure I can share it with Paris..(and everyone

I am on call this week-end..I wish I wasn't...I think we would  try to spend the night up in the Dells..
Now we will be making a one day trip up there on Memorial Day..
They have a parade that ends at the it will work out for us to place our flowers..
Also, the woman that is in charge of the cemetery should be there and she can finally show us where our plots will be..My daughter and I are making payments on crematory plots..
We think we know where they are, but not 100% sure..

Then we are going to head over to the Dells for a few hours..We can take advantage of our free tickets...Yay...

My daughter gets off work at 7:00am and we are leaving right after..Then she has to work again at she is quite the trooper to head out of town for the day:)

Paris, Monique and her boyfriend Brian are going along it should be a good day...

I am glad that last week is over..the maintenance guy (Larry) has been on vacation and I have been trying to help out with some of the issues that have come up...ugh..I have realized that I don't get paid enough to do all of that...
Also, learning recently that I am only looking a t 2% raise in January is not helping my outlook...What the He!!...20 cents an hour more for all I do over and above my regular job..No, I'm not doing it any more..
We don't get paid enough for our regular cleaning...and to make matters worse, I think they are putting in new cabinets and counter tops in the reception area..What?? I think the money would be better used to pay us better wages..At least it would show that we are appreciated...So, I'm going to scale back on the extras that I do..

I was up early this morning and did a walmart run...Yay for me...
I like to get there before it gets too darned crowded..I put away the things that go in the fridge, now I have to get the rest put away..
I bought two chickens that were on sale for $3.47 a piece..I'm going to make both of them today and some brats..that way, we have some things ready for my lunches and quick dinners...

Well, I guess that's it for now..I'm going to go out and put out my flags:)

Safe travels to all that will be on the roads for Memorial Day!!!!  

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Linda :) said...

It seems each year we as one do the job of more and more people... I think I am up just me doing the job of five people now... lol... Enjoy your Memorial day out and about!! :)