Sunday, June 30, 2013


Oh, my gosh...This was fun...

I am so glad I was able to go see this with Monique...
Through the years if the conversation of a play came up, I really didn't have any interest....I have certainly changed my position on

It was awesome...we had great seats..
The costumes..the singing..the back drops...all were fantastic...

It's hard to believe that they can tell a complete story on that stage..
But they did and Monique and I now like the wicked
The way the story was told she was born green and treated badly by her father...and she and the good witch Glenda were friends...
Such a cute story....

I took a couple of pictures..before they started so there wasn't a couldn't take pictured during the play..I did take one when they came out at the end..

Now time to get things ready for the week ahead..hope you all have a wonderful week:)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

This is a picture of my Aunt moms sister...
 I think she looks so beautiful in this picture:)

I was always close to her..She had lived in the Dells but after my grandma passed away she moved to Missourii to be close to her son..

She was one of my favorite people:)

This is my sister Donna Lee....She was my moms first born child..My mom was only 18..Donna lee developed spinal menningitis when she was just shy of 2 years old..
She would have been 18 years older than me..I would have loved to have grown up with a big sister...
My mom had 4 boys after Donna Lee..and then me..
My mom never got over the loss of her first born to the point of really being able to talk about it..

Last night my daughter and I went to's one of the largest music festivals..We went to see a my kind of music but she wanted to go and didn't have anyone to go being the great mom that I am, I said I would go with

It was a free concert..we went to the venue  2 1/2 hours early to get good seats..
We settled down for the wait..we had a seat on the bench that provided a great unobstructed view...Until it got closer to the time that the show was going to start..then people kept trying to stand in front of where we were sitting..Finally security came and told them that they couldn't stand there..(it's a code thing)...

Then a couple of drunk woman came and stood daughter was trying to video tape and told them they were going to have to move.."they" did not like that and started getting in her face so I stood up and then we were all in each others faces..I went to get security and they finally made them leave..but only after another person sitting by us said something also...I was Pissed...

Then 2 drunk woman and a man came and did the same comes and tells them that they can't stand there..These idiots try to weasle their way in by the bench seats..We started yelling that those weren't their seats...ugh..They finally made them leave....Unreal..
I've had my share of being at concerts drinking too much..but I sure didn't do what they were trying to do..
It just put such a damper on the whole evening..and I sure will be writing a letter to the people in charge of this venue..I could have done a better job of security then they did...

Tomorrow I'm going to a play with my granddaughter Monique..My daughter had gotten her tickets for the play Wicked for her birthday..her boyfriend doesn't want to go...Yay...It looks like a really good play and I've never been to one so it's very exciting:)

That's about it for news in my world..
Hope everyone is enjoying their week-end:)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Today is a great day for many reasons....

 My beautiful first born grandchild turns 20 today:)  Monique is the kind of kid that you want to have..she is smart (and puts it to work), she has ambition and she doesn't get into any trouble:)
So proud of her.....

I have off from my regular job...WITH pay...that is the best part...

I am packed and loaded to go to the Dells....

I do have a house cleaning job to do this morning before I leave..I now wish I had done it yesterday afternoon or rescheduled it..but oh,'s 70.00 and I can use that for the trip..

Last night, I made a cake for Monique..using my G. Aunt Gustys took longer than a box cake for the taste is well worth it:)

I have to make a quick stop at Walmart before my job..I need a new bulb for my camping lantern...

On that note, I better get moving...

Hope you all have a great week-end:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 more day of work and then a mini are heading to the Dells...We're leaving on Friday morning and staying until Sunday.
My daughter and her boyfriend will go up before us. I have my house cleaning job to do..Paris will ride up with me after:) I took off the day from my regular job..
My grandson Patrick is home on leave..He and his "new" girlfriend will be going also..should be
He will be home until the 28th (I think), then he heads back to North Carolina..and then on July 8th he leaves for his first deployment..Afghanistan..NOT looking forward to that..He on the other hand is happy to be going...Of

Guess how well the baby sitting job went???? Fantastic...
On Friday night I made 56.00 and on Saturday I made $91.00...Yes, you read that correctly...91.00...I got there at 2:00pm and they got home at almost 3:00am...
I am still in shock...I can't imagine going out for an afternoon and evening and then shelling out that kind of money...They didn't seem to have any problems with it..and I would bet that if I wasn't going to the Dells this week-end, they would have me over again..

I'm sure they will want me the following for me..
I am loving the money for sure..
The kids are really good...go to bed with out any problems and are as sweet as can be:)

I better get off of here and make something for dinner..I've been trying very hard to eat healthier the last three days...I have been taking salads to work..and not buying any candy from the machine while I'm

Hope your week is going well...

P.S. Lucy, Mason is not the one with autism..Paris was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3..Now you would never know it..He has a few quirks but nothing too noticeable:) 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mason was over last week-end and as you can see, we played Monopoly...

He's pretty darned good too:) I am always amazed at what they are capable of doing..I don't know guess I keep thinking that they are younger than they are..

It's Thursday and I am tired..I'm always surprised how tired I am by this time of the
The good thing is my health insurance..I found a doctor..Not too sure how I'm going to like having a guy again.. I'm pretty used to having a woman..

I went today before work to have blood drawn..The nurse called this afternoon to let me know the results..My cholesterol isn't too bad..
I go back in for my actual physical soon..I have made an appointment for my, I should be set..

I found a part time job..MUCH different than my normal jobs..
I'm going to be a baby family lives about 9 miles from me..there is a 1yr old girl and an almost 8 yr old boy..
They seem like great kids..the parents seem really nice..
I start tomorrow night..I'll get there at 6:30 pm so she can give me the info on bottles etc..They don't plan on being home until 2:30 to 3:00am...I'll make 7 dollars an hour..So, I'll do pretty good..the kids go to bed at 9:00pm..(although I think the baby might have a hard time the first few times I'm there)...

Saturday I will go there at 2:00pm..they are going to the spa..then they're going to come home and get changed and ready to go out..
Again they plan on getting home around 2:30 - 3:00am..if they are actually gone that long, that will be a good chunk of change..and much easier than doing more I know taking care of kids is not easy, it isn't as physically hard as the cleaning;o

On that note, I'm going to close because I am too tired to keep need to get up and do something before I fall asleep..

Have a great week-end;)