Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mason was over last week-end and as you can see, we played Monopoly...

He's pretty darned good too:) I am always amazed at what they are capable of doing..I don't know guess I keep thinking that they are younger than they are..

It's Thursday and I am tired..I'm always surprised how tired I am by this time of the
The good thing is my health insurance..I found a doctor..Not too sure how I'm going to like having a guy again.. I'm pretty used to having a woman..

I went today before work to have blood drawn..The nurse called this afternoon to let me know the results..My cholesterol isn't too bad..
I go back in for my actual physical soon..I have made an appointment for my, I should be set..

I found a part time job..MUCH different than my normal jobs..
I'm going to be a baby family lives about 9 miles from me..there is a 1yr old girl and an almost 8 yr old boy..
They seem like great kids..the parents seem really nice..
I start tomorrow night..I'll get there at 6:30 pm so she can give me the info on bottles etc..They don't plan on being home until 2:30 to 3:00am...I'll make 7 dollars an hour..So, I'll do pretty good..the kids go to bed at 9:00pm..(although I think the baby might have a hard time the first few times I'm there)...

Saturday I will go there at 2:00pm..they are going to the spa..then they're going to come home and get changed and ready to go out..
Again they plan on getting home around 2:30 - 3:00am..if they are actually gone that long, that will be a good chunk of change..and much easier than doing more I know taking care of kids is not easy, it isn't as physically hard as the cleaning;o

On that note, I'm going to close because I am too tired to keep need to get up and do something before I fall asleep..

Have a great week-end;)


Hollie said...

Hope things work out well for you!!

Lucy said...

Hope things are ok for you. Thanks for accepting me the way I am, complainer or just me. I appreciate it..

Lucy said...

Is Mason the one with autism?? Our little Chrisopher is 2 and 1/2 and still not talking. Smart as can be!

Lucy said...

I am very careful with the stairs. Do not go down often. Only when Joe can not find what I am looking for.

Linda :) said...

Kids are way older now then we were... woo hoo on the health insurance and the doctor appointments... and the part time job... baby sitters make good pay these days, yay you... :)