Wednesday, June 19, 2013 more day of work and then a mini are heading to the Dells...We're leaving on Friday morning and staying until Sunday.
My daughter and her boyfriend will go up before us. I have my house cleaning job to do..Paris will ride up with me after:) I took off the day from my regular job..
My grandson Patrick is home on leave..He and his "new" girlfriend will be going also..should be
He will be home until the 28th (I think), then he heads back to North Carolina..and then on July 8th he leaves for his first deployment..Afghanistan..NOT looking forward to that..He on the other hand is happy to be going...Of

Guess how well the baby sitting job went???? Fantastic...
On Friday night I made 56.00 and on Saturday I made $91.00...Yes, you read that correctly...91.00...I got there at 2:00pm and they got home at almost 3:00am...
I am still in shock...I can't imagine going out for an afternoon and evening and then shelling out that kind of money...They didn't seem to have any problems with it..and I would bet that if I wasn't going to the Dells this week-end, they would have me over again..

I'm sure they will want me the following for me..
I am loving the money for sure..
The kids are really good...go to bed with out any problems and are as sweet as can be:)

I better get off of here and make something for dinner..I've been trying very hard to eat healthier the last three days...I have been taking salads to work..and not buying any candy from the machine while I'm

Hope your week is going well...

P.S. Lucy, Mason is not the one with autism..Paris was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3..Now you would never know it..He has a few quirks but nothing too noticeable:) 

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Linda :) said...

Hope you had a great time on your vacation... I am getting caught up... wow that is a lot of money for baby sitting... :)