Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's Sunday afternoon and I think I need a sure if I will actually fall asleep but won't mind if I do....

Yesterday I went to my friends house for a welcome home party for her son..He has been in Afghanistan since Nov..
Her daughter Lindsey was there also with her little girl Jana..
Lindsey has spent the last 3 years in Japan with her Marine husband..Jana was actually born is Japan..They just came back to the states a few months ago and are now stationed in South Carolina..They made the 17 hour trip home so she could see her brother..
Both will be leaving on Tuesday and my friend Julie and her husband Mike will be empty nesters again:)

Today my daughter and I headed out to the lake..A girl that my daughter went to school with was having a birthday party for her son..He turned 5..We only stayed for a few hours but it was still nice to be out and about..

The week-end goes by so fast..and then it's back to the work week..
We always wish for the week to go fast so we can have a break from the mundane work schedule..but in doing that, our summer is also going by so quickly..and I don't want that to I'll have to hope the work week slows down. 

On that note, I'll close...I hope everyone has a wonderful week:) 


Hollie said...

Glad you got to visit with your friends!!

I always focus on my next day off from work!! Kinda sad I know, but 12 hours is a very, very long work day!!

Have a great week in spite of work! :)

Linda :) said...

I had a lazy Sunday afternoon and I went to work this morning... Have a Great Monday!! It's my day off... :)