Monday, September 16, 2013

It's "Hooky" Monday....Lol...yes, I am playing hooky today...
Just didn't feel like going to work..It was a long week-end with having company..Even though we didn't do much on Saturday, it still seems to take it's toll...

The Blake Shelton concert was a lot of fun...Although it was really hard to get a good picture of him..We had floor seats and were not too far from the stage..I thought this would make for great pictures..not so think the stage lights were the problem..they kept drowning out the people..
 This is my sister in law loving every moment:)
 The great Blake Shelton.

After the show, we stopped at a bar in Germantown and had a drink..I ran into someone that I haven't seen in months..It was nice to just sit and relax..

Linda left for home about 11:00am Sunday morning and I headed over to my daughters house..We went to a bar/ restaurant to watch our beloved Packers win their game:) Lots of cheering and hooting and hollering going

I have a job interview this afternoon...(another reason to want the day off)..I get out of work at 3, I made the appointment for 4...I figured that gave me plenty of time to get there..I have to go downtown..Lots of after work traffic..then I would have to change clothes at work..just seemed like more trouble than I wanted to deal
I hope this works out..the job is a little more than I wanted to deal with...but I'm so sick of being broke that I'll deal with it:)
It's Monday thru Friday..3 1/2 hours a night..
AND the best part is, it is in my travel time should be about 10 minutes..that will make a huge difference..most of the other part time jobs I've had are 30 minutes away..and  that is not fun when you are already tired..and there is snow coming ahead here...

Last night I wanted to print out my recommendation letter from my ex boss and of course, my printer isn't working anymore..So, today I went to the library and printed out 5 copies:)

Now I only have to worry about taking a shower and getting much nicer to do it this way..and I still had some personal days at my full time job, so I won't lose any money:)

I hope you all have a great day!! I'll let you know how it goes:) 


Linda :) said...

Job interview and fighting with the printer are not a day off so technically you did not play hooky but are being responsible to you... I don't listen to country music but even I like Blake Shelton... Good luck on the interview!! :)

Lucy said...

I sure wish you the best of luck. People That has never struggled to make end meet don't understand. That has been most of my life, but I just keep on keeping on.

Hollie said...

I hope everything went well on the interview!! Glad you enjoyed the concert!!