Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Well, we did it...Left this beautiful girl in Colorado......

Monique graduated college...(she walked in the ceremony in May, but has a semester to do yet..she will be officially done in Dec.)
She received an internship at Chalkbeat in Co.( It is an online magazine) for 10 weeks..Yikes..Can't believe she will be 1040 miles from home for that long..
My daughter, Moniques boyfriend Jeff, Paris and I did a caravan trip to get her there..she has her car so she can get around.

We went to check out where she will's in Denvers downtown..I know she can handle it. She worked in our downtown area for some time and she is a city

She is staying with one of the Marine Moms my daughter met in one of our Marine groups..That has helped ease some of the fear of her being so far away...

While we were there, we went sight seeing up in the darned exciting..
 So beautiful...
 Monique, Shannon and Paris..
 Red Rock Park and Amphitheater..

We had a lovely time..could do without the long drive

Monique started work on Monday and was sent to a school meeting to live tweet the event..
On Tuesday, she had her first article published...Not bad for a 20 year old..(she will be 21 on the 21st of June)

We had a nice time..
The day we were coming home, my daughter and I had some issues...not exactly sure where they came from but it made the 16 hour drive home a bit awkward...ugh..I just don't need this again..
Not sure how we will resolve it but it is what it is..

I have been taking it a bit easy since getting home..I know I have to start working on getting my cleaning business
I am doing some specialty work for my boss this coming week-end..I will be doing pressure washing of the drive thru lanes at some of the banks...Haven't done that before but I'll be working with someone and at least I'll be it shouldn't be too bad...I should get about 16 hours for the week-end...

On Monday, I'll be working at the Harley plant with my friend parts..that will give me extra money things aren't

Well, I guess I'm out of news for now......Have a good one:) 

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