Thursday, July 9, 2015

This is my boss (Dave) last Christmas!!!

Well, he will only be my boss until the end of the month..He sold the business. Effective August 1st..I am just sick at heart. I certainly don't blame him. I'm surprised he has made it this long..
He said the new company is willing to hire me on..same pay.. but I don't know yet what my duties will be..One difference will be that I will have scheduled work hours (I believe)..I don't know how much Dave knows about the position I will get but he did mention that I would probably start at 5:00-5:30pm..
Right now I have been working mostly nights but I was hoping for that to end as soon as I get all of our buildings filled.
Then I would work mostly days re-supplying, inspecting and touching base with customers..From our conversation, it sounds like each duty is done by different individuals..The other position would be to go building to building in the evening training people and checking up and in with others..

I have a meeting with the new owners on Tuesday..It should be interesting.
I am not going to have a choice but to take the position. I have to have an income..

Right now, I have a company vehicle and gas card..I have a feeling that I won't have that with the new company. I think I'm going to have to use my own car. That's not too bad if you go to one place each day. This consists of going from building to building. And believe me you put MAJOR miles on in a day..

Ughh....I am not looking forward to this type of change.
I have just recently had my son start working for Dave..and my grandson also.
They have been a HUGE help to me..Like last night, I had 4 buildings to cover. If I hadn't had my son with me I wouldn't have gotten home until after 2:00am..
I won't have the luxury of having helpers like this.
I have the flexibility to make decisions to bring along who ever I need when I need it..

Daves company has less than 50 people. The new companies web site says that they have over 300..Dave's is a mom and pop will be a big change.

The other part that is hard is that when it's such a small company,you feel very close to each other..I am feeling such a loss in my heart and I don't really need that right now..
The new company takes over the 1st of August..That is my grandsons 21st birthday..SO, not only do I have to deal with the change..I get to do it while I am mourning the loss of my sweet boy on his birthday..

I am having a hard time keeping it together as it is..I have spent last night and today either crying or trying not to cry.
Dave just called to tell me about one of the cleaners and I almost started crying..ugh...

My son is going to be 29 this month..he  has aspergers and so he isn't as advanced as your average 29 year old..He is worried about what we are going to do..I don't want him to worry  so I have put on the happy face..I took him today to get his temporary permit renewed and then we went to work force development to see if they could help him with training of some sort and work placement..They don't do that there..they directed us to Department of vocational resources..we have a day for orientation..and I got the information from them on what they could help me with if this new placement doesn't work out.

So, I am trying to get things in order..trying to plan ahead..I know deep down, I can find something, anything to make the bills..but this is a huge change:(

If anyone is passing by and stumbles onto this post, I am accepting any and ALL prayers!!