Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's been a while.....

I received a comment on my blog..It made my day.
I stopped getting comments right about the time that my handsome grandson died..Just when I needed support. I couldn't figure it out. Then someone finally told me that my blog wasn't showing up. I don't know why that happened and I certainly didn't know how to fix it. Believe me, I tried.

The latest news is: I quit my job. On Valentines breaking up with a very horrible boyfriend. It is one week today. I do NOT regret my decision to leave that position. It was getting worse by the day.

My sister in law and my daughter both told me that it was against the law for my employer to have me (and other managers) working up to 12-14 hours a day without compensating us for the extra hours. He was using the umbrella of "salary" as a way not to. The issue came when I discovered that they could only do that if we were working in the capacity of our job description. As a manager. 90 % of our time was being spent cleaning.
When I went to him about this, he of course, tried to say that there was a grey area..uh, yeah, sure Scott. Then he sent me to the lady in HR. She said they were working on a solution. Well, I gave them two weeks and the only thing that changed was we were working even longer and harder hours..

So, now my goal is to start my own business..I will only take on a couple of buildings. That way I can do the cleaning with the help of one or two cleaners.  I won't have to worry if the job is done right. I won't have to go over someones work because it is not up to standards. I won't have to be out all night covering jobs that someone did not show up for..

I do have a couple of contacts at buildings my old boss originally had show interest in having me take over their buildings. They have worked with me as a manager and cleaner for years. They like my work, they like the fact that I get back to them asap...So, we shall see what happens. 

If worse comes to worse, I will take a job working for someone else.  But NOT as a manager. lol..

Today I reserved our room for our trip to D.C. in May. We get a decent rate because we will be there with the TAPS organization. It is such a beautiful organization. We went last year for the first time. It's a time of healing and realizing that as hard as it was for me to lose my handsome grandson, there were kids there that lost their fathers and mothers. There were little ones there that NEVER met their parents before they lost them.
It shows in a very personal way what military families go through..
I look forward to some of the seminars too..

I need to accomplish something did such a good job getting my paperwork filed away..Except for that one little is the day that I finish that job!!!

Have a great week,

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