Thursday, March 3, 2016

I Got The Building!!

I heard back from the library..(One of the buildings that I had put a bid on).
Today they are going to give my previous employer notice that they want to cancel with them. They never had an actual contract with them. They are going off the original contract. 
It's a 30 day notice, so it will be a bit before I actually get started. Money wise, it will be a little bit of a struggle but I'll do it somehow. They did ask if I could start sooner if they see that the cleaning goes downhill. That happens sometimes when service has been cancelled. They no longer care about the quality of work..We'll see what happens..

I am excited to have at least one of the buildings!! It pays $2,000.00 a month.
5 days a week. Monday thru Thursday and then Saturday. My son and I can do it in about 4 hours so that's not too bad.

omg..I have such a toothache.....ouch!!! I took an aspirin. I hope it kicks in soon..I want to cry...:( 

Be back later....

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Feeling lazy!!

Not working has made me feel lazy..I always say I'm going to be more productive than I was the day doesn't always happen!

I am still waiting to hear back on the two proposals that I sent in. One of the building managers did email me to ask if I would be onsite while the cleaning is done. I assured her that I would be doing one of the runs myself and would have two additional cleaners with me. 
Still keeping my fingers crossed:)

The 3rd proposal is on hold for a few days. That contract consists of 4 different buildings with different things being done on different days, so I decided to do  a rough draft. I sent it to my contact for her to approve or add too if I forgot something. 
I'm still waiting to hear back from her..

I may spend some time looking on Craigs list to see if there are any jobs I may be interested in. If I find something, I may abandon my idea of having my own business..We'll see how it plays out. 

I need to find other things to do in my life. I am thinking of going back to school..but really want to wait until I know what my work situation is going to be. I can't really commit to a school schedule until I know what hours I will be working. I would like to take some business courses. 

I would like to do some volunteer work also. We have a Fischer house opening in my area soon. That is a very worthy cause and I wouldn't mind being involved with them.

Not much else is new. Just

I'll be back soon:)