Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Feeling lazy!!

Not working has made me feel lazy..I always say I'm going to be more productive than I was the day doesn't always happen!

I am still waiting to hear back on the two proposals that I sent in. One of the building managers did email me to ask if I would be onsite while the cleaning is done. I assured her that I would be doing one of the runs myself and would have two additional cleaners with me. 
Still keeping my fingers crossed:)

The 3rd proposal is on hold for a few days. That contract consists of 4 different buildings with different things being done on different days, so I decided to do  a rough draft. I sent it to my contact for her to approve or add too if I forgot something. 
I'm still waiting to hear back from her..

I may spend some time looking on Craigs list to see if there are any jobs I may be interested in. If I find something, I may abandon my idea of having my own business..We'll see how it plays out. 

I need to find other things to do in my life. I am thinking of going back to school..but really want to wait until I know what my work situation is going to be. I can't really commit to a school schedule until I know what hours I will be working. I would like to take some business courses. 

I would like to do some volunteer work also. We have a Fischer house opening in my area soon. That is a very worthy cause and I wouldn't mind being involved with them.

Not much else is new. Just

I'll be back soon:)

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