Friday, April 17, 2009

Good morning!
I woke up at 5:30 this morning. Sure thought I would sleep later than
I'm now sitting in bed having a nice cup of coffee.
I left my bedroom window open last night. I don't like it to be too warm while I sleep. I am fine while I am snug under my covers, but it sure is a shock when I get out of
My ex finally sold the house. At about a twenty thousand dollar loss...Therefore I won't get my full settlement. He will have to make monthly payments on that at 125.00.
Last week after he and I had our disagreement about the $352.00 on the Kohls bill. I stopped all contact with him. I wouldn't answer his phone calls or e-mails.
It finally settled within me that he wasn't going to change even a bit. What he had been showing me was surface nonsense. Nothing deep down..
Well, I ran into him last night at the gas station..Ugh.
He came over and asked why I wouldn't answer his calls..I told him that it was time to move on and staying in contact wasn't good for either one of us.
I then went in to get what I needed.
As I came out he stopped me and asked if he could just ask one more question.. He says, Did you stop contact with me because now you got your money?...Well, first of all. I haven't gotten the money yet..Number two, the money part of our divorce settlement has been a done deal for almost a year. It was granted at the time of the divorce..So no, I didn't need to talk to him for the past year to get the money.
All I said to him was, I knew you would think that. Then I got in my van and left.
That is the part of him that will never change. That type of thinking that doesn't make sense.
It's too bad. To have lost a marriage that didn't have to be lost.
I'm moving on!
My two older grandsons stayed over last night..They are really good boys..But they leave THE SEAT up..
That makes me crazy..And they are terrible at turning off tvs and lights..
I don't jump on them for those things. lol..they aren't with me often enough to make a big deal out of it...
We have been so blessed with beautiful weather this week...Right now, the sun is shinning, the birds are singing. It doesn't get any better than this..
I am so looking forward to the I don't know why. It's going to be kind of busy...I have a small bank to clean,,with my trainee..That should only take us about an hour..
I have a small cleaning job of my own..I clean for this woman about once a month..
And then on Sunday, I have to go and bid another cleaning job..It is a small two bedroom condo..A friend of mine had given this woman my phone number. So, I
will go and check it out..A few extra bucks a month can't
Well, I guess that's about it for now. I'm going to start getting ready for work. I only have one job to supply and then head to the office to resupply my van for next week..So I will be home early..Although I do have to clean a bank tonight, with my trainee..
Enjoy your week-end!
Janie, sending you special hugs for this day that I know will be hard for you!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you Joyce!

Today has gone fairly well. Although it's not over yet. lol.
I left the house at 5:00am to restock a couple of buildings..I think I got home about 6:45am..Did some putzing around here. Spent a couple of hours restocking some more buildings..I think I got home again at 2:00..I will leave again at 4:40pm. Tonight I have to cover the two jobs that were left vacant by the guy that I got rid of. We have all three covered. I am training at one of them tonight. Because Gary has worked for us for a while, he gets the general idea of how I want things done. I will probably turn the keys over to him tomorrow.
I have to cover one other bank tonight. I don't know yet if Gary is going to be able to help me or not. It doesn't really matter. I am so glad to have the other guy gone that I don't even mind doing
My boss did hire a guy to cover the last two banks. Starting tomorrow, I will be training him. I might be able to get that accomplished by the end of the week.

Yesterday my daughter and grandkids came over for a bit. They didn't have dinner here, but I sent ham home with them.
She is always grateful for that. lol. I didn't dye eggs, but I did use magic markers on them.
For my daughter, because she wants to move to Arizona, I put her name on it and then drew a cactus and wrote, Arizona or bust,,,lol
For my older grandson, I drew a tennis racket and wrote, tennis anyone?
For my granddaughter I drew some pretty flowers.
I couldn't think of anything I could draw for Paris so I just put his name on it with Happy Easter..

I have spent yesterday and part of today rearranging some things. My daughter is going to have a rummage sale soon. So, I decided to go thru things again and get rid of what I don't use or need..
I can not believe how much I have that I don't really need or want.
I really do like the less cluttered look and feel of things.
I spent so darn many years needing to have something on all walls or on all flat
Now I want just a few of my nice things sitting out. Some of the things that I don't want to get rid of, but don't need out all the time, I will pack away and bring them out at a different time. Rotate...That is my new

The rain is starting. It hasn't gotten too bad yet. But it is kind of dreary out. I think we are supposed to have rain for the next few days..That's will bring the flowers...Right?
How is that for trying to look on the bright side? lol

Have a nice relaxing evening!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Now why would I be up at 4:43 am..? Because one of my workers is a complainer....
He is a 50 year old man. You would think that he could handle a cleaning job without having to call me at 2:30 in the morning to tell me that the place is a mess and it will take him longer to clean it..IT IS A BAR! What part of that does he not get? People drink, they have fun, they do not care what kind of mess they leave the place in..Besides,,the MESS that he is talking about is the floor..Yes, the floor. He will have to sweep it before he can vacuum and wash it. They get napkins, bottle tops, cigarette butts and swizzle sticks on the floor.
Now I don't know about you, but that would probably take me an extra ten minutes tops....
He calls all upset like chicken little ran thru the place and the sky fell...
He does a good job, he always shows up, but I am having a problem with him calling to complain..I am going to have a talk with him once again about this. If he wants to complain, I'm going to tell him to call his wife.l0l
I told him tonight, that if it is that bad, I will take a run down there and check it out....20 miles one way for me..Oh no he says, you don't have to do that...
I don't mind taking a run to one of the jobs. Even at an odd hour. But I do mind having the phone ring for such minor crap.
Just sweep the floor and shut up.
I went to bed tonight with my time for tomorrow all planned.
I have to work my day around cleaning one of the banks. I had planned on getting that done early so that it wouldn't interfer with the rest of the day..
Now it will be all screwed up. I've been awake since 2:30. If I go to sleep now, I don't know when I will wake up.
Now I will go into my positive mode..Things will work out just fine. Everything that needs to be done will get, wasn't that easy? lol
I wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Listening to the news this week has made my heart hurt for so many.
I am keeping all in my prayers. The people in Tennessee that have had so much destruction with the tornado's, Captain Philips who is being held hostage by pirates..The little 8 year old girl that has been killed and placed in a black suitcase..(maybe by a neighbor and Sunday school teacher).
These are just a few of the headlines..
Listening to some of the things that are going on make what is happening in my life seem small in comparison. Please know that as I am writing my rants, I am aware that there are more important things going on....

It has been a long week.
I no longer have to worry about the worker that won't clean as he should. He is no longer with the company....As happy as I am about that fact, the actual cleaning now falls on me until he is replaced..That should happen this coming week...
I can say that having to cover three buildings is a ton of work. lol...I have been spoiled since taking over the position of account
One of my other workers has stepped up to the plate to give me a hand..I am thankful for that.
The banks are taking longer because they were not being cleaned properly. I am working on getting them as clean as they should be. Then when the new cleaners take over, they are starting with a clean building and will be told that they will be expected to keep them in the best of shape...So Easy, just do what you were hired to

My ex is driving me usual...
He has finally sold the house...The downside? with the economy the way it is, it sold for far less than what it is worth..
Because we have a marital settlement agreement, I will be the one to get the proceeds..and because there isn't enough of a profit, a new settlement agreement had to be written up.
Last year when I moved out of the house, I didn't take the couch and chair right away..(I should have known better,,,so my mistake). At the moment when I was going to take it, he decided that he wasn't going to give it to me..Because it wasn't actually in the divorce papers, I was screwed.
I had sold the couch to my daughter..She had already given me the money. So, then I had to pay her back...
According to the divorce papers, I was to pay the Kohls bill..I didn't have a problem doing this until he didn't give me the couch. I told him that I couldn't pay the Kohls bill AND pay the money back for the couch that he didn't give me...So I refused to make the kohls payment.
Now that it is down to the wire. I have to sign a paper that gives the proceeds of the house to me. It also ensures that the Kohls bill gets paid. Not a problem..It also gives my ex $350.00 for the time that he made the payments on the kohls bill..that is the part that I have a problem with...Now mind you, my attorney was the one that made out the paper work. But Carlos had gone to him to show him the paperwork on the bill...My attorney says that it is in the divorce papers and so it has to be paid.
I asked him why it is okay that Carlos didn't give me the couch when I was to get it.....Because it was not specified in the papers....So I told him Fine, I get screwed once again..I tell you, it does not pay to be the nice guy sometimes...
There were also some very nice wall hangings that Carlos asked if I would leave at the house until it was sold. Because of the holes in the walls...I agreed...Now I probably won't get those either....
During all of this, he is professing his love for me. Telling me that he would like to see us get back together so that we can retire upnorth as had been our original intentions...
Can I be honest here and say that I have a part of me that would love to be able to do that..
But once again, as nice as he can be, he can be just as nasty....He told me the other day that I shouldn't be so materialistic....Why is it being materialistic to want the things that you were supposed to get????
Okay, I have that out of my will move on by myself and have the peace that I asked God for...I will be happy to walk in Gods path and let Him lead me to where I am supposed to be...Amen.
For all of the hassles that I seem to be going thru, I am blessed to have what I do have.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and blessed Easter! You are all in my thoughts...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I left the house at 6:30 this morning to go and clean the bank. Then I decided that as long as I was out, I would check on a couple of other buildings to make sure that they are up to par.

I probably got home about 10:00am..I sorted laundry and headed downstairs to get it started..Not happening today. There is a note on the washer stating that it is out of order...Great. I guess that means that I am suppposed to have an easy day. lol

I am now in my bed with my jammies on..reading blogs and watching the food channel..Oh my gosh, some of that stuff looks

After I am done with this post, I am going to read my Sunday paper that is sitting next to me..

If the bad weather is going to affect you, and you have to go out into it, please be safe...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I would like to thank everyone for their encouraging words. It really does help to know that you care. It helps make my day brighter:)

My week-end away was interupted by a very inconsiderate employee. This is the same guy that has been giving me problems for some time. He doesn't want to follow proper cleaning instructions. He argues the point on everything. And now to top it off, he was a no show, no call for work last night.

On Fridays, he has two banks to clean. He usually starts work at 5:30-6:00pm..the last 4 weeks or so, he has been getting to the first bank between 7:00pm and midnight. I can't wait until that time to find out if he is going to do his job. So, last Monday, I left him a message telling him that if he was going to start later than seven, he would have to call and tell me...And then Friday he does this..SOB

Late yesterday afternoon I headed to my sister in laws house. Got there about 4:15. Sat around and talked ate supper at 6:00 and then went out for a while..All this time, I'm checking my phone to make sure that everyone had checked in...By 9:00pm, this guy had checked in so I started calling his house..I called every 30 minutes until 1:30am..I finally went to sleep and set my alarm for 4:30 am...Got up and hit the road. I called one of my other workers because he was on his job. I asked him if he would be able to meet me and give me a hand getting the banks done before opening time..He agreed.

I think I got to the first bank at 6:45. We got out of that one at 7:30, drove a couple of miles to the other one and got that done at 8:30..Just as we were getting done, the tellers were coming in the door..I got home at 9:00am. Called my boss and explained everything. He said that this guy had done this to him a few times and would be written up this time..He also told me that I shouldn't have cut my week-end short..If I ever run into this problem again, I should just call the bank in the morning and explain that there was a problem with the cleaner and that we would have the bank done by Monday morning...Oh now you tell me

Oh well, now I know.

If this worker doesn't start working with me on things he is going to be looking for a new job..and believe me,,I will not miss him...

Other than that, we had a really great time last night. I have not laughed that much in months..oh my gosh, it was fun. It would have been nice to spend one more night..but whatcha gonna do? lol

I cleaned my living room today...that was about it..I was going to do some laundry but decided that I wasn't in the mood to go up and down the stairs...l0l..It will all wait for me. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm going to do a little of my paper work now. I hope you all have a nice day tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank you Lynne for the award! I really do appreciate it.
I was looking on the wrong
I'm not sure how to list the links, but I will work on it. In the mean time I will let people know that I am awarding them..
Once again, Thank you Lynne for thinking of me:)

My daughter called tonight from Vegas..They are not But they have done a few of the rooftop rides..Ugh..not for
They come home tomorrow night..I think they get in at 11:00pm. She has to go right to work. She will be late. And then she will have to work until 7:00am..No way could I do that

It's been windy here. I would just love to have another nice sunny day.
Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy, scattered showers and 44..Oh yippy.

Saturday should be sunny and 50..At least we have that to look forward

My boss is going to cover for me this week-end, so I will be able to make it to my sil's house for the week-end..I hope to be able to head out of town before the rush hour traffic starts. It should only take me two hours to get there. She actually lives a ways out of town, so she will meet me and lead me back into the booneys where she lives.

The ex called today, we had a few words back and forth. I finally just hung up. He called tonight while I was gone. Said that I could pick the couch up a week from this Friday..
I just want it to all be done with. I need to start moving on. I can not believe that it is almost one year since the divorce.
I have let my heart keep me in a state of hope. There is no hope. He doesn't think he needs to change anything about himself. So, why has it been so hard for me to give up? In my head I know nothing would be different. The good times only last so long. Oh, enough about this.

My grandaughter was supposed to get her temps for driving tonight. Well, she forgot her social security card. So now she has to go back..
I still can't believe that she is going to be They grow up way too fast..

I guess I better get some sleep. I'm going to have an early day tomorrow.
I have to go and check a couple of buildings to make sure that when they got cleaned tonight it was done thoroughly. I still think that it's a shame that some of these workers done have any pride in what they are doing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow.