Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Hey Batter Batter".............

Tonight was the first time I have played baseball in more years than I can remember...

It started out today with me going to get my hair cut and colored. It turned out nice, but I think I am ready to go really short.. Right now it is about shoulder length. And I am just ready for something else. I think the girl doing my hair was a little afraid to cut it too short..Oh well,,baby steps I

Then I went to one of my accounts to give an employee her review..that took all of ten minutes..

I had plans to go to my daughters house around 7:00pm. so that I could ride with her and two of my grand kids to my daughters baseball game.
Now mind you, when I got to her house, I was dressed in my nicer clothes...Not ready for a game. (I had planned on coming home first and changing). I put on my granddaughters sweatshirt, my grandsons tennis shoes and off we went to the game..
The game was supposed to start at 8:15..We were standing around waiting for everyone to show up..Then they realized that they were one woman short..(it's a coed team). My daughter asked if I would be willing to stand in right field..Not many balls make it out that way...OKAY. She said that when it came my time to bat I shouldn't worry if I didn't hit the ball because they would have had an automatic out anyway being one person short...OKAY..

Well let me tell you...I didn't have any balls come out in my field..But when it came time for me to bat....I hit the ball...I didn't make it to first base,,But I did bring in two people with that hit..And that is what counts.
We Won the game- 9-7...Not bad. LOL
It was a good time..

They have closed down a couple of Milwaukee area schools due to the swine flu..Nothing confirmed yet..Keeping fingers crossed ..

In the Milwaukee area there have been three infants killed in a matter of weeks due to co-sleeping..In two of the cases there was drinking involved. I am so upset by this I can't even tell you..
I guess I shouldn't even call it co-sleeping.. It's more a case of being irresponsible parents.
I believe that there are responsible parents that bring their kids up with co-sleeping.
I don't feel that these were situations that could even be called co-sleeping. I also think that it is too much of a coincidence that there have been this many deaths in a matter of weeks...

Another thing I am having a problem with is children being left in day care vans...In the last few months one little one was found dead in the van because the driver forgot to look to make sure all of the kids and babies were taken off the bus..
Yesterday a little boy was left on a bus. He was one of the lucky ones. He was found after only a few hours..He was unhurt..Other than saying he does not want to ride on a bus again..
I don't know why it is so F------g hard for people to do a check and a re-check to make sure that this NEVER happens again..

They are writting a bill to ensure that all day care buses have alarms installed to make sure that all children are taken off of the bus..That is great, a step in the right direction.
I know for some of the smaller centers, this will be a hardship money wise. Too bad. What is a child's life worth? If you can't put in the alarms, you can't transport children,,,plain and simple....

Another thing that is making me angry...Beer tax..
In Wisconsin, the beer tax has not been raised since 1969....And now the tavern league is putting up a stink because they of course don't want the tax...3 cents a bottle...come on now. 3 cents on the bottle is not going to stop people from drinking..They tax everything else. Look what they are doing to cigarette taxes. Going up by a dollar at a time.
It doesn't make sense to me that they have even waited this long to raise that tax.

Well, I guess I have gotten some of that off my
Now I am heading off to bed to get a good nights sleep after my exciting

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today was a little unsettling for me.
I got up at 5:00am to go to my two early accounts..I got home around 7:30. Did some paperwork, then cleaned up a little bit, threw a load of clothes in.
About 9:30 I was back out on the road. I took care of 4 accounts and decided that since I had an early start, I was going to head home..
I did fall asleep on the couch for a little bit. I woke up crying. Sobbing. It was the strangest feeling. I can't remember everything that I was dreaming about. But I do know that my ex was in the dream..(or maybe it was a nightmare)lol....His son was in it also..And he was in a room with a friend of his and I heard him say,,I suppose she doesn't want me in here either. In my dream, I know that I was very confused about that statement because I have worked very hard at not involving any of the kids in this divorce. I have tried to show the same concern for them that I have always had..
I don't even really see my step-son. Even while his father and I were together we usually only saw him at the holidays..
Our emotions do come out in different ways I guess.
I had a good cry even after waking up. Pulled myself up by my bootstraps and proceeded with what I needed to get done....
On a lighter note..
My friend Randy likes the key case that I have for work. It is a zippered case the has velcro so that you can attach the keys to it. It holds 24 sets of keys. Very handy.
He has so many vehicles for his business and is always looking for the right keys. He has asked me on numerous occasions if I have found out where my boss got it..Today I decided to look it up online.
I found one at office depot. Mail order only. I ordered it for him. I'm going to surprise him with it when it gets here. It should be here Wednesday.
It will be a nice surprise to him.
Hope the week goes well for everyone.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's been a nice week-end..Although the weather didn't co-operate.

Friday started out a little hectic. After work, I came home to get my cleaning done. Right in the middle of it, around 8:00pm, I got a call from one of my cleaners..He tells me he is locked in the bank...What? So I say, Gary, you are locked inside of the bank? Yes, inside...Okay, how do you do that? Well, the bank door has a handle that you have to push down in order to get the door open...and it wouldn't move..
I tell him that I am on my way down there to see if the door will open if I use the key from the outside..
He starts telling me that he wants to get out of there and go home..Well duh...I can't do anything over the phone, and it doesn't pay to get into panic mode.
It's about a 20 mile drive for me one way and I'm not bitching about it, so I didn't appreciate listening to him bitch..
He finally got it to open. He got the bank alarmed and was able to leave..
I was able to turn around and come home to finish my cleaning.
I called the bank first thing in the morning to let them know that he had a problem with the lock.
The woman said that they have had problems before and would have it fixed..

Saturday was fairly uneventful..I went to the store early and did a little shopping..Then about 1:30 I went to pick up my grandson Cameron.
Oh gosh, he is getting to be such a big boy. His mom said that he kept asking her if it was time for me to be there had a really nice time together..Just played games, watched a little tv and enjoyed our special time...
I made popcorn and we played Candyland..He even took it well when I won the game..We played a few games so he had his chance at winning also..
I took him home at 2:00 today. Next it will be Masons turn to spend the night..And then Destiny..

Jeremy is working tonight so the house is quiet. Not that he is ever in the way. It's just nice to have the house to myself once in a while:)

I have a couple of dvds to watch. I thought I would get around to watching them by now..I think part of the problem is that the dvd player is in my bedroom and I don't always feel like being in there. If I could watch them in the living room it would be easier. I haven't yet figured out how to hook it up with having the dvr. Maybe one of these days I will tackle

Oh, I did put up a window scarf on my living room window..I have the verticle blinds up. I didn't like the starkness of how that looked. I didn't really want to invest too much money. So,,,I bought the scarf. It looks really nice. Even my son noticed and believe me, he doesn't notice things like that often...
It feels more complete in here now...I'm happy..

H0pe everyone has a wonderful week and lots of sunshine....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last night was a long one. I had to go around to my 8 banks and check all outdoor lighting and signs.. I took my friend Andrea with me. It was much easier to do the driving while someone else did the paperwork.

We got to one band and an entire light pole was laying on the ground. I said that she didn't need to bother writing that down, I was sure that they were aware of it's said that it should be written down just in case the main office didn't know. I told her that she was in charge of the paperwork and should write down what she wanted

Because she was helping me, I had offered to by her dinner. She had already eaten but said that she would get a desert. We went to IHOP.. I haven't been to an IHOP for years. I had an egg,ham and cheese melt. It was really good. I only ate half of it, but it was tasty. She had a cheesecake, caramel crepe, with whipped cream on top...It looked really good. Made me wish that I had gotten a dessert by the time she was almost done with it, she decided that it was really tooo

I dropped her off at 10:00pm. I had one more bank to go to. I didn't get home until 11:30..
I have decided that I am taking an easy day

I went to the Tittle Co. to pick up my check from the sale of the house..I was not please with the way the woman treated me...first of all, when I talked to her on the phone, she seemed bothered by the fact that I said I would pick the check up versus having her send it in the mail..(why would she care).
As it turned out, I had to sign off on the lien anyway, so going to the office would have been mandatory anyway...
I also had to pay them 75.00 to change the paperwork..
I signed the paper, gave her the money- cash and she handed me the check. I then asked if she could give me a receipt. You would have thought that I asked her for her firstborn...
She says I will have to go to accounting..OKAY...I wait for about 3 problem...She comes back in the room and says,,,,Sorry that took so long, she had to stop what she was doing to print this out.

I just said thank you and left. But I couldn't shake the feeling that she had been rude and it wasn't justified.
When I mentioned it to my girlfriend last night, she suggested that I call the manager for the tittle co. and let them know how she acted.
I think she's right. I don't normally make complaints. I just accept the fact that some people are not happy and it comes thru in their work.
But this was really uncalled for and needs to be addressed...

On a happier note. I am going to call today to see about getting Cameron for Saturday night. It will be wonderful to spend some quality time with this little sweetie. Hear all about how school is going. Spend some time at the park...Oh yes, I am ready to have him over for some fun....

I have to say again how relieved I am that I am no longer cleaning the hallways here at the apartment complex...Oh what a relief it
I now look forward to the week-ends..Sometimes it feels like such a strange concept..That I can get my own stuff done, spend time with family or friends, do a project or just sit around if the mood fits...
It is wonderful..

Today I'm going to try to get my laundry done and maybe spend some time painting my hanging shadow box..
I had picked some pork chops at the store the other day, I am contemplating putting them on the grill today..Sounds good. It is a little bit of a hassle because I keep my propane tank on my balcony..(someone tried to steal it last summer). But I think the taste of grilled pork chops will be worth the extra effort...

I hope that everyone is having wonderful weather and able to get out and enjoy it....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It has been a rainy day. With a few flurries thrown in for good measure..I was afraid that we might actually have some accumulation..but it didn't last long.

Tomorrow is the closing on the house. On the one hand it is a good thing..You know, closure and all of that good stuff..But it's still hard. I remember when we first went to look at the house. I liked it right away. I could see all of the possibilities. I envisioned how I would fix it up..I put in alot of sweat equity in
Oh yeah, that is also the house where he threw me on the dining room floor and pulled out a handful of my hair, cut my mouth and gave me a few other bruises...But don't fret ladies,,,,,I broke his frigging I didn't learn much, I did learn to defend

Isn't is amazing that we always lean towards the happy memories? Then we feel sad. At least until we let a few of the not so good memories come into the picture.
I guess the selling of the house is just one more thing to move me towards my new life...

I can only hope that as of tomorrow, I don't have to worry about running into him at the gas station or store anymore. I really don't think he will stay in this suburb.
Oh well, what will be will be.
God won't put more on my heart than I can handle...

My son made dinner tonight...And he had done the shopping for the food too.
He wanted to make a version of the chicken wrap that he makes at work. It was darn good too. To top it all off, he brought my plate to me as I sat on the couch..How nice was that?
His friend was over, so he was able to have a taste of Jeremys cooking skills.
The kitchen isn't even in too bad of shape. lol. I had told him that I would do the clean up..
He's a good kid and I'm glad that he is my son.

Tomorrow is supposed to be fairly nice. By Friday we are supposed to hit the 70s..
Oh, I can't wait for that. Maybe I'll have a little more energy to get back in the swing of things.
I need to get back to going to the YMCA...My daughter and I have really slacked off on that one.
She is now spending so much time running the kids around for their various sports and softball for herself that it is hard for the two of us to hook up to go work out together..
Guess I'll just have to go it

I'm going to bed early tonight. It's only 8:20 and I could go to sleep right now.
But then I would be up at

This coming week-end I want to have Cameron over. It's been a while since any of the little ones have spent the night. So it's time. There is no love like the love a child gives their Abuelita....

Have a restful evening..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I don't know what is happening with either my computer or blogger..But one of them has gone
I was reading blogs. Then when I would click on post, it would just keep opening the same blog in a new tab...weird...
I got a lot done today..I moved furniture around again.. Oh my gosh, my mom would have a good laugh if she could see this. She always said that I was always rearranging things..closets and such..
I think that happens when you don't have enough room. You are in a constant battle to get organized..I think I have it about as organized as I can get
I still have my moms curio cabinet. Actually I have two of them. One is narrow, good for small places. The other has the rounded front. It's just too big for me. A while back I sent a text to my brother to see if he wanted it. He left me a message saying that he would like to have it. I haven't heard from him since. I sent him a text again yesterday. Haven't heard back from him. I am at some point going to take the curio to my daughters house for the rummage sale. Or she will put it on Craigs list.
My grandson helped me move things around and take boxes and bags of stuff to the van to be transported to his house..We put everything in the garage. It is getting
I don't know that there is much more I need to get rid of.. I think I've gone thru just about everything.
Tomorrow I hope to give the keys for the bank over to my new cleaner. He kind of disappointed me on Saturday when we worked together. He short changed how he cleaned the bathroom sink...UGH. I let him know that I could tell that he had not cleaned it the way that I had showed him and that any other way is not acceptable. Bottom line, do it the way you are showed or you will not be working for us for long. I am not going to fight anyone else about getting the job done correctly.
Keeping my fingers crossed on this one.
I hope to be able to get back on my exercise schedule this week. I have slacked off with having to do all of this cleaning the last week and a half.
Maybe I can even get some meals made this Jeremy will be glad if that happens..I swear this last week, we have just been crabbing what's handy.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good morning!
I woke up at 5:30 this morning. Sure thought I would sleep later than
I'm now sitting in bed having a nice cup of coffee.
I left my bedroom window open last night. I don't like it to be too warm while I sleep. I am fine while I am snug under my covers, but it sure is a shock when I get out of
My ex finally sold the house. At about a twenty thousand dollar loss...Therefore I won't get my full settlement. He will have to make monthly payments on that at 125.00.
Last week after he and I had our disagreement about the $352.00 on the Kohls bill. I stopped all contact with him. I wouldn't answer his phone calls or e-mails.
It finally settled within me that he wasn't going to change even a bit. What he had been showing me was surface nonsense. Nothing deep down..
Well, I ran into him last night at the gas station..Ugh.
He came over and asked why I wouldn't answer his calls..I told him that it was time to move on and staying in contact wasn't good for either one of us.
I then went in to get what I needed.
As I came out he stopped me and asked if he could just ask one more question.. He says, Did you stop contact with me because now you got your money?...Well, first of all. I haven't gotten the money yet..Number two, the money part of our divorce settlement has been a done deal for almost a year. It was granted at the time of the divorce..So no, I didn't need to talk to him for the past year to get the money.
All I said to him was, I knew you would think that. Then I got in my van and left.
That is the part of him that will never change. That type of thinking that doesn't make sense.
It's too bad. To have lost a marriage that didn't have to be lost.
I'm moving on!
My two older grandsons stayed over last night..They are really good boys..But they leave THE SEAT up..
That makes me crazy..And they are terrible at turning off tvs and lights..
I don't jump on them for those things. lol..they aren't with me often enough to make a big deal out of it...
We have been so blessed with beautiful weather this week...Right now, the sun is shinning, the birds are singing. It doesn't get any better than this..
I am so looking forward to the I don't know why. It's going to be kind of busy...I have a small bank to clean,,with my trainee..That should only take us about an hour..
I have a small cleaning job of my own..I clean for this woman about once a month..
And then on Sunday, I have to go and bid another cleaning job..It is a small two bedroom condo..A friend of mine had given this woman my phone number. So, I
will go and check it out..A few extra bucks a month can't
Well, I guess that's about it for now. I'm going to start getting ready for work. I only have one job to supply and then head to the office to resupply my van for next week..So I will be home early..Although I do have to clean a bank tonight, with my trainee..
Enjoy your week-end!
Janie, sending you special hugs for this day that I know will be hard for you!