Friday, July 17, 2009

New bedroom set....

I won't get the side rails until Aug..But everything else will be delivered next week..I don't really understand how they can have all of the pieces except for the side rails..strange.

I'm off in a little bit to get Mason...
Looks and feels like rain..I hope it's nice and sunny tomorrow so we can hit the green...(golf)
Happy week-end to everyone.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One of the bright spots in my life! Mason.....
I will be picking him up tomorrow..I think on Saturday I will take him to the driving range. He loves to play golf..and I had picked up that set of Real golf clubs at a rummage sale a month or so ago..
He hasn't seen it yet. I think he is going to love it. I don't know if they let little kids on the driving range, but I'm going to find out on
I will also be taking him for school supplies..It should be fun.
On Sunday, I will post some pictures of our time together..
I hope everyone has a wonderful week-end!

This is a very sad entry.....It's also a little graphic..and does contain some foul language...

One of my co-workers has a niece that has been missing since Jan..She is the mom of two small children. Her name is Renae.

They have found Renae (I think I'm spelling this wrong and I apologize for that)

Her boyfriend killed her, then placed her in a cooler(yes,like the one you take to the beach)..then he put the cooler in his mothers garage. After that, he took the cooler to his mothers boyfriends house where they put this young mom in a burn barrel and then cut holes in the ice of a lake and deposited the remains there.

All that is left of her is tiny bits left in the barrel..

All three have been arrested. Thank God!

Why am I doing this entry? First of all, She deserves for people to know what kind of monsters lurk out there in this world..

Secondly, I am so pissed that someone could do something like this. I need to vent it.

Oh believe me,,if this were my daughter. I would post bail for the mother fucker and I would shoot him.

When my ex and I had our few domestic violence encounters, he said it was all about money..the System was just trying to get more money by putting him on probation. Because you have to pay 20.00 everytime you go to see your p.0.

I told him that it wasn't about money...It was about the thousands of woman that end up dead because a man that claims to love them beats them..

He never did get that..

Maybe I am feeling this so much because I have been in domestic violence situations.

Please pray for this young mom, her little ones and her family!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everyone gets an award!

Hello to everyone that has dropped by....
I was given this award from Lynne....I know the rules for passing it on are more specific, but due to the fact that I haven't ventured out into this blog world too far, I would like to pass mine on a little differently..I hope that doesn't offend anyone.
I would like whomever reads my blog to know that I treasure all interaction with them and would like them to snag the award and pass it on to those that they would like to.

Summertime seems to see a lower number of people reading blogs or adding a new entry to their own..
Facebook has taken some to their do facebook. But find that it doesn't have the same interaction..I use it more for getting tidbits on family and friends..
Here is where I feel I can speak my mind and feelings without it being a big deal.

As I said, I treasure each and every person that I feel connected to here on my blog.

It's always sad to see them go, no matter the reason. I look forward to finding them in the future and being able to reconnect with them.

Oh my gosh,,,I didn't tell you...I bought a new bedroom set!! It is not the top end line..But it is certainly not the low end. It is PRETTY..
The headboard is rather tall. The dresser and nightstand seem a lot larger than most...I did take a picture of it at the store, but I have not taken the time to figure out how to get those pictures to my computer..I will take pictures after it is delivered..LOL..
The best part of it all is that I also bought a new mattress set. OMG do I need that. I do not sleep well right now. The set I have now is so darn hard..and that is with a comforter, a couple of blankets and a pillow top cover on it..No, I can not deal with that anymore. I need to get a good nights sleep..
They don't have all of the pieces in stock..So, I will get the mattress set and I think the dresser and nightstand next week. But I won't get the bed until Aug..26th..ugh..I do not like waiting..LOL..I'm just glad I can get the mattresses right away.

I'm going to try to have Mason over this coming week-end..I tried last week-end,but I waited too long and he was already by his other grandma..
I want to take him school supply shopping..That is so exciting. He and Destiny are the last to go to school..They are growing so fast. I miss the little snugly babies that they were..The feel of their tiny little bodies and of course that wonderful baby smell..No,,,not the poopy pants
Not that I don't enjoy watching them do new and exciting things as small people,,You gotta love that. I just miss my babies..

Well, guess I better get rolling here. Trying to do a little wash so it doesn't catch up with me for the

Don't forget to snag your award..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's a beautiful day today! We had some rain last night, so it helped bring down the humidity...Thank goodness..

I don't have anything planned for today..I had called my stepdaughter last night to see if Mason could spend tonight with me...He already had plans with his other grandma..Darn, I knew I was pushing my luck with waiting until the last day to call..But I've been having problems with one of my workers, and wasn't sure if I would be working today.

I have made tentative plans to get him next Friday.....

Speaking of next week-end. Saturday is Jeremys turns 23...and for his birthday, I get to drive him and his friend to Chicago for the evening...There is a 10 hour concert. "Mayhem"...what does that tell you about the music? LOL...We went last year too..This year I had thought it would be nice to just spend the night. Now I'm not sure. I can't find anyone to make the trip with me..Which would have been nice..Then we could have hit the stores while the boys were at the concert...

Either way,,it will be a long week-end..

I think I'm going to do some price checking on motorcycles today..Small

I also want to check out beds..I could use a new bed. Right now I don't have a headboard..Not a major problem but it feels like a starter I was married, we had a hugh bed. The kind that sits real high, has hugh posts and makes everyone that sees it comment on it. It was impressive..It was his before we got married so of course, he got to keep it.

This week-end we have Bastille days going on. My girlfriend and her daughter want to go. We just made plans to head down there at 3 or 4..Should be fun...Music, food and people watching. Can't beat it..

Tomorrow I will check on one of my workers jobs. He has been a serious problem lately..That's a shame, because when he puts his mind to it, he does a good job. He doesn't seem to take the job seriously enough though. I checked one of his jobs last week to discover that he is not mopping the floor..or doing the bathrooms completely. I worked for an hour and a half after he was there last week. He hadn't wiped down the lunch tables or mopped the floor. One stall in the ladies bathroom had absolutely NO toilet paper..OMG..They are paying us for a service and they are not getting what they pay for..We have 9 of these banks. We can not afford to lose this account because he is in a hurry to party..

So, he will be getting a written letter next week informing him that if his work does not improve he will be let go..

He's 26 and has his third child due any day now...He's working about 15 hours a week...He needs a course in responsibility is what he needs..

It does feel good to have my week-ends to decompress..and after last week, I really need to relax..

Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

My daughter came out by me with the kids. We went to watch the parade here in Germantown. Then finished loading up the car to head off to the beach..
We went to a state park that is located about 10 miles from my house...

We had a very nice time..I didn't think we would end up swimming because it's a little cooler today. Overcast..Not the kind of weather I usually enjoy swimming in..But we finally ventured out into the water..And of course, someone started splashing water and the next thing you know,,we are all diving

We had hamburgers,brats,hotdogs, potato salad, tuna salad and chips...Good food. We also had watermelon.

We played ball..Great exercize..By the time we were done, we were pooped
My daughter works third shift, so she only had a few hours of sleep...

I think I was home and in the shower by 6:00pm..That nice warm shower was soooooo nice. I didn't want to get out...But I did...then I threw our wet stuff in the washer..

Now I'm just sitting back and relaxing. One more load of wash to do and that's it for the night.

JJ came home with me. I don't think he's interested in heading out to watch the fireworks..I'm not..way to tired for that. I think we might be able to see some from here. We'll have to take a look outside when they start...

That's it for me. I'm going to lay on the couch and veg out for the night. It's only 7:30 and I would love to go to

Happy 4th everyone..
Cameron enjoying a slushy....
Me and Monique being

Me, Monique and Cameron. His first big ride.
We had a lot of fun at the carnival. It was a blast seeing Cameron enjoying his first big ride.
Not that I'll probably be going on too many with