Friday, December 31, 2010

It's the Eve of the New Year!!
I wish peace, health and happiness to all!!

The weather has been very it is in the 40s, most of the snow has melted..which is fine with me:)
This week-end is supposed to send us into a deep freeze..I am not looking forward to that..

My grandson JJ aka..Patrick is now an employee of mine..He filled out all of his paperwork at the office yesterday. He won't have his own building at this time. He will be helping me when I have to cover a job.
He has 3 hours in already and will get a couple more tomorrow..
It will give him a few bucks and good training..

Last night I went to my friends house for a Holiday get together..I'm always the odd man out with the other being couples...but it really didn't matter last night..Just a good group of people having great conversation and LOTS of great food..They definitely know how to keep people from being
I had a really busy day yesterday so I wasn't really even in the mood to go..I ended up being the first one although I thought I would only stay an hour or so,,I stayed until 11:30..Which is really late for

Tonight I'm going by my girlfriends house for some cards and eats and then maybe hit the corner bar for one...
I don't think I will even stay out until Midnight...I have to be at one of my accounts at 4:00AM..
The bar is only closing down for 1Hour...It's a two hour job on a good day..there is no way my cleaner will be able to get it done in an, I will be there to help him..

It's been a good year for me...I'm going into the New Year with high hopes that things will continue to go in a positive directions.
I wish the same for you!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mason, Cameron and Destiny...Eating their dinner while watching a movie in my bedroom.
Mason and Cameron with their new nerf guns..
Me with the kids..
Merry Christmas from my house to yours!!!!
I feel bad that I haven't had the time to blog..Although I have taken the time to read others...

I had the three little ones over last Saturday to celebrate Christmas...
We had a great time..Although I think the picture show that I am a little worn

Tonight I will go by Masons other grandmas house. We split the cost of Masons gift as it was a bit pricey..We got him the DS and of course it had to be the latest version. Almost $200.00 for a hand held game system..His parents are going to get him some extra games for it..

After that, I will go to my daughters house to celebrate with her and the kids..Can't wait for that...She has been teasing me with whatever my present sent me a picture of my wrapped gifted via the web..I think it's a set of storage
She knows how I feel about those..
She wasn't supposed to get me anything after paying for the trip to Vegas...but she did anyway...shame on her:)

My granddaughter has been accepted at all of the university's that she has applied too.
She has decided on University Nevada Las Vegas...and because my daughter had planned on moving to a warmer climate anyway, they will ALL be moving to Vegas in June or July...
That is going to be hard...not having them nearby...but I understand and I have told her many times that if she is going to make the move, do it while I am still
I don't want her to feel like she can't make the move she wants to because of me..
I'll be fine until I make the decision to move also..which is the plan. I won't do it for another couple of years..but I will be making that move also...
I still need time with the little ones..I have memories to make with won't be as hard to leave them when they are a little older:)

My step-daughters surprised me with some very nice gifts for Christmas..totally unexpected...
The best gift of all is the card that one of them wrote to me...
Happy Holidays and we all wish you a Happy New Year:) We are very thankful God has blessed us with you in our lives! You're truly an amazing person to know. We love you.....

How nice was that?? I was trying to read it to my girlfriend and had to let her read the card herself because I started to cry...I told Cameron that it was the best gift I received..

THAT is what the season is all about...

My daughter just stopped by to pick up all of the things that need to be at her house tonight...
presents, deviled eggs, cookies, and shrimp...

It's going to be a blast..
I am already tired...I thought I would have enough time to get a quick nap in, but it doesn't look like that is going to

We have been soooo busy at work...getting new buildings, training new people...
New buildings are a good thing..It's just such a chore getting everything and everyone into place...

I just received a text from one of my workers asking if she has to do both of her buildings today...That would be a yes...I don't know why she would think otherwise..
and why would you wait until now to ask? She could have been almost done by now..she made the comment that she is sick of having to scramble around on Christmas Eve...
There are LOTS of people that have to work today...and she has been out of work three days this week...that has put us out...but I guess she doesn't care about that..Guess it might be time to cut her down to one building if doing two is a problem..

Other than that, everything is going other workers are all checking in as scheduled..Because the banks closed at noon, they are able to start early...

Well, that's all for now.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hoover Dam..
Hoover Dam..
Grand Canyon
My Granddaughter Monique and her boyfriend Brian..
Grand Canyon...
Grand Canyon...Monique, Me, the Chief, my daughter Shannon and my grandson Paris..

The pictures don't do these places justice. There is just no way to capture the beauty that surrounds you..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!
I have so many things to be thankful for...First and foremost would be my kids and my grandkids. I can't think of anything that would come before them..
Next, I am thankful for my health..
I'm thankful that I have a job that allows me to pay my bills and leaves a little left over for fun I'll tell you about my trip to VEGAS...well, they don't call it lost wages for
No, I was not a winner in the end..Oh, but I had soooo much fun
The hotel that we stayed at was also kid friendly..They have a bowling alley, a movie theater and an arcade..Mostly the kids were with us out and about but they did find some time to go to the arcade for a while..
We went to see the Hoover Dam...Oh my gosh, I was amazed at how beautiful it was..
We took a ton of pictures. After spending time there we went to the Grand Canyon..Fantastic..
It was just awesome..we took a ton of pictures there also...We did a lot of walking and even a little climbing..Talked to one of the security guards for a bit..It's one of those things that you just can't do justice with words or pictures..You really do have to see it for yourself...
My granddaughter got her first tattoo....All three of us girls did..matching tattoos...three small stars in a triangle pattern..One star for each of us:) It actually didn't hurt too bad this
It was an awesome trip..not nearly long't wait to go somewhere again..

So, last night I was on the computer messing around on face book...looking up names of people that I grew up with....I found someone that grew up on the same block as me. I was always hanging out at his parents house with his sister...
I also always had a crush on him:)...I think he's probably about 4 years older than me..
Well, I decided that I would send him a note..and to my surprise he answered me his e-mail address and saying he would love to catch
I had told him that when I saw his picture, the first thing that came to mind was that he looked just the same..Okay, maybe a few years older, but I could still see that handsome young man in those pretty blue eyes....
If nothing else, it could be an interesting journey....

Tomorrow I will go to my daughters house for some games with the kids and dinner.
She is making a turkey and all the trimmings.
I'm making a ham and I "bought" pumpkin pies..I couldn't help myself..I just don't have the energy to make my own..
I'm going to sleep until I wake up on my own in the morning...I don't have any late night workers checking in...AMEN.....

Guess that's it for right now...
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Have fun, drive safe if you're traveling....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I don't seem to have much motivation this morning..
My birthday was on just doesn't seem did that happen and where did the time go??

How is it that when I look in the mirror, I don't think I look bad for my "age"..but when I see a picture, I cringe..
I have found some people on facebook that I haven't seen for years...and a few of them look OLD....So, of course, I know that they must be thinking the same thing about me..SHE GOT

I try not to worry about it too is what it is..
All in all, it was a nice birthday..My bosses wife got me a small cake, a plant and a nice card. My daughter took me out to breakfast..My girlfriend took me out for lunch the day after and my grandson made me a beautiful card...That was the best.. And then of course, there is the trip to Vegas in three days...Can't wait for that...

My brothers birthday is the day before mine. I called him and he actually answered..I haven't talked to him in a year or so..He has some psychological problems..It's sad. He is a good person. When he's not doing drugs or drinking. I won't deal with him when he has been doing either. He doesn't have anyone other than me. Due to his, I feel bad, but I can't help him.
He is two years older than me. He told me that he has had three small heart attacks.
And a blocked artery..So, who knows what his future will be.
I noticed this morning that he called me at 2 am this morning...That is what I mean about his issues..why would he think that it's ok to call at 2 in the morning?

My granddaughter was accepted into another college.. One of the local ones UWM..
Although it is not one of her top picks, she was excited to be accepted..She probably won't hear from Loyola until the end of the month....

People are laughing at me because I put my tree up already...tradition for me is to put it up on Thanksgiving day...Well, that was when I was married and my husband did the cooking and I did the, now I must improvise...and with my schedule, I need to get things done when I can..
When I get back from my trip, I will start going thru the bins in the basement and making decisions on which decorations I will be using. Then on Thanksgiving I will be prepared for getting the tree done without all of the work that goes with the job..

My suitcase is packed....On takeoff day, Monday, all I will have to do is drop my van off at the shop and nothing more..I will be able to relax until it's time to go to the airport..

My daughter is trying to map out our day trip to the Grand Canyon. It is looking like it will take closer to three hours to get there rather than the two she thought. That's ok.
It will be a nice road trip for us. With a stop on the way to see the Hoover Damn...

Work has been extra new people..I train two people tonight..Not looking forward to

It is a beautiful sunny day out though and that is a good thing..Always makes a person feel a little better..
On that note, I better get moving here...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now for the good news....

My daughter is paying for my air fare and hotel to Vegas..It's my birthday and Christmas gift combined:)
Originally it was to be my daughter, granddaughter, grandson and myself..
Today my daughter felt bad about Monique's boyfriend Brian not being able to afford to go with us....So, she told him that she would pay for part of the cost as a Christmas gift.
I said I would pay a portion as my gift to him..He would have to come up with the rest..
He said he could do that. He sent me a text message thanking me...

We are going to try to go see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Damn while we are out there.
We are going to spend two nights at the Orleans..then head over to the Luxor for one night.
Paris is fascinated with the Luxor..and Chris Angel..So, spending the night there is going to be his special treat.

We are leaving Nov.15th and coming back on the 18th..
I can't wait. I haven't been anywhere in some time and I miss it..
I NEED to get away from work and my work
I NEED to be able to sleep a FULL night...Not having to wake up at 4:00am every morning to make sure everyone is clocked in...
I think it will be rejuvenating to say the least....
Best present ever...

Monique is checking out colleges..She is waiting to hear back from a couple of them right now.
One is Arizona State. They have a very good journalism class.
One is Loyola in Chicago..We went there last Thursday for the tour..It seems like a very good school..she seems very interested..
There are pros and cons to each. She has a rough decision to make..I'm not sure what it is going to take for her to make that decision.
Arizona would certainly be less WARMER..

On that note, I'm going to get busy and do my paperwork for work and then go to bed early....
Happy week to all..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two days ago, I had all intentions of being able to make a happy entry..
I will have a few exciting things to talk about, but yesterday I heard some news that breaks my heart.

I learned that someone very dear to my heart only has a short time to live. He has pancreatic cancer..
I met Lyle about 14 years ago. I had gotten a job as a bartender here in town. He was already employed there.
We became fast friends..he had, and still has, an awesome sense of humor.
I'm not even sure of his age right now. I would say somewhere in his late 70s..Maybe even 80..

He lives with his longtime girlfriend Sandy. I cleaned for them for a few years. Lyle would usually be home when I got there. So, of course, we would spend some time chatting.
Since the time I stopped working for them, I only see Lyle when I run into him out and about town... The time span doesn't matter. We have a mutual love and respect for each other.
I want to call him to let him know that I'm thinking of him and to offer any help I can.
Because we have never had the type of relationship that entails calling each other, will it be awkward for me to make that call? It doesn't matter, I wouldn't feel right it I didn't call..
Please say a prayer that whatever time Lyle has left be as pain free as possible.

I'll make an entry in the next couple of days about the things that I was going to write about..